Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm so sick of candy, I could puke.

Not only candy, but pumpkin seeds (4 different flavors due to Crystal's inspiration), and Boo Chips too. Blech. Sugar/salt/junk/snack overload in a big way. But aren't these cuties worth it?
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Here's a close-up of Punk Rock Baby. I think he's found his hidden Guitar Hero.
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But I am experimenting with a new Halloween Candy Philosophy this year. Usually, I limit it to a couple of piece a day but then it drags on for weeeeeeekkkkkkksssssss. Every hour of every day becomes, "Can I have some candy now? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????" It becomes all-consuming and I finally start saying no so often that they stop asking and the candy stays hidden in the cupboard for a year or more. Then one day the children see and wonder why I never let them eat their candy and then the perpetual asking starts once more. This year, however, I decided to just say, "Yes!" As in, "Yes, my dears! Go ahead and gorge yourself until you are sick. Rot your teeth and poison your stomach. Enjoy!!" And boy have they! I think they're afraid that I might change my mind because each bout of candy eating, and there's been at least three or four of them today, has included oh, gosh, ten pieces a piece? Yikes, I don't see how they do it. I'm eating like a third of what they're eating and I'm nauseous. Greyson has become candy psycho too. He lives to steal candy from everyone. He is being limited to only two or three pieces a day, but he is trying his best to eat more. Man, candy is evil.

So we've attempted school today at great expense. We started the day with ballet (and for the record, I made them wait to binge until after ballet class) and the residual sugar turned Cameron into a jumping bean while we were there, lol. He made friends with the office manager though and was following her all around helping her find costumes and such for an upcoming performance. She, meanwhile, was trying to talk him into being interested in ballet, lol. Apparently they're desperate for boys, especially boys who will stick with it through their teens. I decided to switch Cassia to this class instead of her afternoon one. The traffic is so much better and the waiting room is empty and there are some twins in her class that are in our homeschool group! Their mom and I have always wanted them to be friends but we run in different circles and they're pretty shy. Maybe this will give them something to bond over.

We came home and did Phonics (not too bad) and Grammar (um, let's just say that a fart noise doesn't count as a noun) and then Math. Math was another review section (they're having them every couple of lessons in this part which I think is great) which took, I think, three or four hours to complete. Granted we did stop and watch Barbie in The Nutcracker in the middle of that, but sheesh! To his credit though, he did come back to it voluntarily and never asked to be finished without finishing it all. But OMG, that took forever and just about every problem had to be done twice. I am TOTALLY blaming sugar. Finally at around 4:30 or 5:00 we finish everything so that Cameron can finish up his LEGO Science kit. He's still uber-distracted. His conveyor model is sitting half-built as we "speak" while he bounces around doing Pokemon attacks on everything in sight. He's also been distracted by doing ballet leaps all over the house, lol. He is totally cracking himself up too, saying, "I just can't stop!" LOL. Cassia, on the other hand, has broken my heart. She announced that she no longer wants to be a homeschool teacher. She wants to be a ballet teacher instead and she wants to go to the American School of Ballet in NYC. Leaving the nest already! They grow up too fast, I'm telling you.


naturalmom said...

Yes, candy is evil!! LOL, don't you just marvel when other parents say their kids just forget about the candy after a few days? Not mine -- they would eat every piece if it took them till Christmas. We're doing the "Switch Witch" again this year. The kiddos are gorging themselves today and tomorrow, then tomorrow night the remainder goes out on the porch to be switched for a present from the Switch Witch. Yes, it costs me about $10 per kid, but it's worth it to have the candy mania over after 2 days. Plus, the kids get to eat the candy they really like, while the junk they would only eat because it's available goes in the trash instead of their tummies.

I love the kids in their costumes! Little kids in costume are so cute.

ROFL about the fart noise non-noun!


Meesh said...

I have to admit m kids do sort of forget about their candy- but I do put it completely out of sight. This year, because they are getting older and wiser I am trying something new. They ate a few pieces just after Trick or Treating, and I told them they could have more after lunch the next day. They each picked two pieces then I told them I had an offer for them. I got a big basket and told them that for every 5 pieces of candy they put in the basket I'd give them a dollar. They now have between 10 and 15 pieces of candy left each and I don't think paid out more than $5 each. Maybe a bit more, but I didn't pay too much attention. Now the bags are back in the closet & I'm hoping they forget about them again. If not I'll let them have two pieces again today & tonight I'll make half of what's in there disappear. I agree - candy is evil!!!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

oh my! What did you do to that baby?!?! That's hilarious!! Best costume EVER!

Oh yeah, I agree about the candy, too. Matthew is just miserable over the fact that he can't eat candy every waking moment. It's there; why not eat it? Poor child.

crystal said...

I L-O-V-E those costumes! Ghost is still my all time favorite! Glad you enjoyed the pumpkin seeds. Did they turn out ok?