Saturday, November 03, 2007

a leap Through the Looking Glass

Friday's official subjects were Spelling - in which Cameron got 100% on his test - Music Appreciation, Performing Arts, Math, and Logic. In other words, Cameron worked on Spelling Time while I was in the shower then we went to see a ballet performance of Alice in Wonderland put on by our city's ballet company. It was an official Homeschool field trip since we went with four other families, including the twins that are in Cassie's ballet class. They didn't even acknowledge each other, lol. The ballet was fabulous. It was a "school show" so we watched a slightly shorter version of the ballet with several other school groups. Cameron's friend M6 from his soccer team was playing the 4 of Diamonds. She was so cute. :) We all really enjoyed the show, even Greyson!

After that and a quick-ish stop to get some prescription diaper cream (don't ask), we headed home to play Pokemon Yahtzee Jr. It's a pretty fun game where you match up Pokemon characters on dice, Yahtzee style. So that was patterns and logic and strategy and addition, both of your dice and of the scores at the end. It's a pretty fun game too! So I'm totally counting that as math today.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

We used to have the Toy Story version of Yahtzee Jr. All three older boys loved it... but not enough to keep it put away where the dog couldn't eat it. @@

Meesh said...

Owen loves Pokemon too- though he's not as crazed as Cam seems tobe. I'll have to look for that game though.

Jenny said...

Oh, it's not just Cam. It's Cassia. It's DH. It's me. Pokemon is an obsession around here. I am a PokeMOM. ;)

Hey, totally off topic, I really want to get together with you guys. We should plan something. Will you be up here ever? It's not too big of a deal for us to go down there sometime. You just never seem to be available when we are around - you yacht-ey you. ;)