Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Addiction of the worst kind

I don't know what has hit me, but I have become seriously addicted to wasting time online. What the heck? I have so much to do. I even have tons to do on the computer, but I have spent all day poking around at various things and being absolutely unproductive.

I did manage to get a full day of schooling in but we didn't get started until after 11:00! That's usually the sign of an uncooperative day, but luckily it wasn't at all. We started with Grammar and learned some more pronouns. The book is having them memorize them all. So far, we've learned me, my, mine, you, your, and yours. Those were also the copywork for the day. I've backed off of my own copywork since there are some written into the Grammar lessons but I'm finding that he doesn't like them as much. Writing a couple lines of poetry a day is more fun than writing a list of pronouns. Mostly though, I've just been lazy and haven't written any up, lol. Time to start doing that again.

Next we did Spelling. He did really good with the jumbled letter words, but not so good picking out the words that belonged in a story. As in "Bear is carrying a big box to the post office. 'I hope I do not ____ it,' Bear says," and he wanted to put the word "got" in the blank. I hope I do not got it? (The word was "drop" if you were curious.) He also had a bit of a hard time with the opposites. He said the opposite of "on" was "no." LOL, logical in its own way, I suppose. But then we just started naming some opposites and I threw "on" in there and he got it right away. It was connecting the word on the page with a real thing that was the problem. That comes with reading experience, I assume.

Math was next and that was a review exercise before we move on to actually memorizing times tables. :O He did pretty good with it and with figuring out which operation to use on the word problems.

I decided to skip Phonics today. It was a really long lesson and I just didn't feel like it, lol. It's good to be the king.

We finished up with History and read the final story on Ancient Chinese Farmers in chapter 10 of SOTW. The kids did their coloring pages and maps with their typical enthusiasm. Cameron colored the farmer, his son, and their ox all black. He said it was because they worked in the mud all day, lol. Cassia just drew mud at their feet which looked really cute. Our books on China have not come in to the library yet. Hopefully they will soon! I have some Chinese crafts that we can work on too... if I want to deal with the mess, lol. I'm hoping we can do them on Friday. I just have to make sure we get started with school early enough so that we have time for the Chinese crafts before it's time to go to the park. One of them, though, is painting Chinese pictograms. That might actually be a fun thing to take to the park and share with our friends.

The rest of the day, I spent wasting time online. *sigh* I did get a big pot of bean soup made, which no one but Greyson and me liked. Hopefully, after the monkeys go to bed I will find the motivation to do one of the million things that I should be doing rather than wasting time online or watching DOOL. Anyone care to place bets?


Meesh said...

I vote DOOL. I'm watching Sammy on the Biggest Loser right now, so it's almost like we're wasting time together.

Oh wait you didn't ask for a vote....

Jenny said...

Arrrggghhh! It was even worse than that! I watched DOOL and The Bionic Woman. I really need to go back to no tv on school nights. If only I had a hot tub. Now that sounds like a much more productive way to waste an entire evening. ;)

Pixilated Mum said...

I hear you on wasting time on the Internet. Geesh, for me it got to the point that I was catching up on k-dramas online (it's like a British version of Youtube) and reading up on childhood friends that I was Google-ing.

I had to take a break from it. Now, I'm online, but not even HALF as much as I was before.

It's just all so very .... addictive!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

LOL at "It's good to king." I agree!

Gotta agree on the wasting time on the internet, too. I spend way too much time doing nothing on the computer.