Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can we just call it Thanksgiving already?

Not that we had a bad day and didn't get anything done... we did! But with Veteran's Day on Monday, 4-H Tuesday and today, and then Favorite Park Day tomorrow, I'm thinking that the whole week is going to be a wash. And then I remember that next week is Thanksgiving and we'll be going out of town on Tuesday, so next week will be utterly pointless too! Oh well, I guess with what we got done this week added to next Monday, we can call that "a week." Cause you know it matters. *snort*

So today started with ballet. Cassia is such a ballerina. It's all she thinks/does lately. Her library movie yesterday was an Angelina Ballerina one. The week before it was The Nutcracker. (Don't let me forget to buy our Nutcracker tickets!) She dances all the time and it's always on tippy-toe and with arms in perfect "beach ball." She says she really needs to practice her plie´s in 1st position but she does them ok in 2nd position. Today she was getting frustrated because she can only do a single spin and not a double. Sheesh! Prima Ballerina in the making! But, oh, is she adorable. Cameron still dances like a madman at home but is very stoic when we are waiting for her. (Though I did see him eyeing the fancy costumes in the dressing room, lol.) I had him bring his math with him today and that went really well. He was a tad disgruntled about it, but then he saw that the (homeschooled) older brother of the twins in Cassia's class had to bring his Spanish work today, lol. He usually doesn't come because he has a charter school "enrichment" class at that time, but they didn't have class today. So that was the extent of the bookwork.

Next we came home and got our stuff ready for our 4-H cooking project and then rushed right out the door again. We made Broccoli-Cheese quiche and homemade Lemon-Lime Soda. Yum. Everyone is really loving this project and I couldn't be more thrilled. We've even somehow turned it into a combo cooking/singing project! One of the moms - who happens to be a friend from Favorite Park Day - has been really good about organizing games and such during the down time while we are waiting for things to cook. Well with quiche, even with making the soda pop while we were waiting, there was so much downtime that the games of Simon Says that worked so well last month just starting getting unruly. So MomS started an impromptu circle time and started singing campfire songs with them. I was putzing away prepping things in the adjoining kitchen singing my heart out too, lol. Anyway, it went so well that she said that next month she'll bring her guitar. So now the official project name is Cooking & Singing for Primaries. ;)

After that, several of us went out for ice cream. I was holding Greyson and ordering a chocolate shake and he parroted "chocolate shake!" LOL, he knows what the words worth saying are! We didn't get home until about 5:00 or 5:30. Greyson fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep until I woke him at 8:30! Cameron and I played Star Wars Monopoly - I won - and Cassia watched Angelina Ballerina. I finally realized at about 8:00 that it was almost bedtime and we hadn't had any dinner, lol. In my defense, we had eaten quiche at 4:00 and then ice cream after that, so really, we had supper. But I made us some English muffin pizzas and called that a meal. ;) And then it was off to bed for the big kids while Greyson and I folded laundry and blogged. Now it is almost 10:15 and I'm going to see if I can coax him back to bed. He's been up almost two hours, that should be plenty. Hopefully it will mean he'll sleep late too. (In case you're keeping track, he was pretty nice to me last night and slept through until 5.)

And that was school (?) for the day. Oh, I forgot, we read an ancient India folk tale for a bedtime story last night. I'll count that as today's schoolwork too. Cause, like I said, I've gotta make sure we get our week's worth of stuff in. *snort*

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

okay, so how do you make lemon-lime soda? I've never made soda (or pop as we call it in these parts, lol). I'm wondering how you get the carbonation. :)