Tuesday, November 27, 2007


75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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I know I lost points because I visit each one individually instead of having an RSS feed or something, but oh well. ;)


Meesh said...

Yet you are still 1% more addicted than I am! neener neener neener! LOL!

Dude you should really do the rss thing. I use google as homepage, and one of the content options is google reader, on which I subscribe to all my blogs as well as the hsing and harry potter board over at the village. Saves me eons of time since I can see all in one place all I need and want to read. Plus I have a gmail account so my email is also in the one spot.....

Jenny said...

Ugh, you know why I don't? It's because I totally don't read the lists and summaries that come in my email. WTMS - rarely read. SOTWI - almost never read. SCHADigest - never read, I do read the individual emails though. Anyway, I just think RSS'ing (is that a word) my favs would make me ignore them. LOL. I know how limited my time is so a first sentence of "So we had brocoli for dinner" might not make me actually read the rest. But if I'm already there? Read on!

Or maybe I'm just old. ;) More likely, I'm sure.

Jenny said...

Oh, and I'm dying that you RSS the Harry Potter board, lol. I heard that there's more to the epilogue online if you search hard enough. Have you found it?