Tuesday, November 27, 2007

great day

We had a great day of school. Cameron did Phonics and Grammar (pronouns finally!), and Math (doing great with division), and Science, and then tons of extra-curricular (and is anything really EC in homeschool?) dot-to-dots, both his own and some super complicated book ones. I'd love to blog more fully about it, but I've wasted my entire evening reading a stupid Harry Potter fan site and now it is too late. Well, honestly, it's not that late but my Aunt has gotten me hooked (for the bazillionth time) on Days of Our Lives so I need to watch a couple TiVo'ed episodes before bed. ;)

Ahhh, where has the intellect gone? Not here, apparently. You now see why I so vehemently avoid discussions of "twaddle" (as if! Do you see Harry Potter on that list? Me either! Do you see any other book that I have mentioned my children liking? Me either! I like "twaddle-free" in theory, but not in my house. I have to live here!!).

Tomorrow, I promise, lots of ramble. ;)


Meesh said...

DOOL- that cracks me up and changes my whole outlook on you! LOL!! I watched Days for years (would that sentance make any sence if you didn't know what Days was?) I haven't watched it in a very long time- I just don't have the time or inclination in the day time- and no way would Ben watch it with me at night. So even if I wanted to watch Bo and Hope get back together for the hundredth time or see Marlena get possessed again I sadly can't.

I do have to watch Sammy (**GAG**) every week on The Biggest Loser. She is *such* a bad actress. I love that show though so I'm just hoping that they'll replace her next season. (Shouldn't she be backstabbing some lost sister or Lucas or something anyway?)

Meesh said...

sentence, it is a sentEnce not a sentance. I know this. Really.

Meesh said...

sense. OMG I need to go to bed. The sentEnce makes senSe.


Meesh said...

Maybe I should just keep commenting. I never did mention in my OC (original comment) that I am glad you had a great day. I just got too giddy about the whole DOOL thing. I used to be so into DOOL that I would look up spoilers and such online. I also just like writing DOOL.

Meesh said...


ok it is now out of my system.

Jenny said...

OMG, I am dying Meesh. Seriously, dying. ROFLMAODying!

So yeah, you see why it's been an on and off thing for me? But Belle (and I'm sorry, that will NEVER be the real Belle) married Shawn even though she slept with Philip? And Marlena is going to marry Stephano?? To save Sami??

Ah, it's just too tempting to resist. But not that tempting since I *still* haven't watched it since blogging that entry and putting the kids to bed. Humph! Is TV evil or is Blogger evil??? You tell me??

Jenny said...

Oh and you did notice MEESH that it was your fault that I spent all night reading Harry Potter fan sites?

Meesh said...

Yeah, I kinda figured. I peeked over at that site, but apparently I have supieriour will power, because I didn't get sucked in. LOL! I do get sucked into JKR's official site. Have you been? There are all sorts of hidden things there.

OK so now - Belle is no longer the original actress? I hate that. She was cute too. Didn't Shawn sleep with Mimi or something anyway?

And Marlena with Stepahno? Blech. isn't he like 80 years old by now? I think I read once that he has "died" 60+ times or something on the show. Now I'm going to have to go look it up.

See what you've gone and done???? Now I'm feeling that life sucking pull of DOOL.

Pixilated Mum said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

You gals are just killing me with this exchange. I know I had something to contribute (uhm, no, not DOOL), but I can't remember what it is.

I only do Korean dramas. And even then, I only did two. But, you know, those end.

Meesh said...

Koren dramas end? So people can't die a million deaths? Marry the entire cast? Find out their long lost sister is really their step brother from their mother's 3rd marriage?