Monday, November 26, 2007

Something in the Air

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, as usual. So lovely, in fact, that no one wanted to get back to work today! I told Cameron that if he didn't shape up, stop complaining, and do his work then we would just have to bring our schoolwork with us the next time we went on vacation and not take ANY days off. Not surprisingly, he suddenly wanted to do his work. ;)

So we started with Spelling Workout. And then Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading. For the first time in I can't remember how long, we actually got through a two page phonics lesson in one day. We generally have to break them up into two days but Cam's doing pretty good with the "/ar/ as in car" words. Next was First Language Lessons and we reviewed Thirty Days Hath September, and all the different types of nouns. We finally get to move on to pronouns next time. Yeah! All in all, Grammar went ok, but C&C were just crazy. They were bouncing all over and sitting on their heads and climbing on top of me... ugh. Next was Singapore Math and the introduction to division! This went fabulously. You could really see the wheels turning in Cameron's head as he worked over this never-before-thought-of concept. He not only did both of the workbook exercises in the first section, we also moved on to the second section and he did the two workbook exercises for that too! Next we moved on to Story of the World for History and went back to Crazyland. I finally had to separate them and make Cassia sit in my bedroom, on the bed, while we read. She was just psycho-crazy. We read the first two stories the chapter on Ancient China and learned how silk was discovered (at least the story of how silk was discovered) and saw some examples of Chinese pictograms. Very interesting stuff, once Cameron had settled down to actually listen to it. Lastly, Cam sat down to Spelling Time and I went into my bedroom to do phonics with Cassia. She was very sad that she missed the stories about China and spontaneously promised to never act like that again. We'll see, lol. But she was very attentive and cooperative for Phonics however and learned the line for the letter J in The Consonant Rhyme.

And then they played. And then we went to gymnastics and back, once again, to Crazytown. I spent all of Cassia's class telling Cameron to stop running and jumping and to calm down. Oh. My. God. I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought that he had pure sugar for breakfast! And lunch! There is a strict "no running, no jumping, no horseplay" rule in the mezzanine area because it is located directly over the offices and I thought for sure that we were going to get into BIG trouble. Luckily we didn't, this time. Cassia earned three of five stars in her class. I'm not sure if that will earn her a new star on her name tag or not.

Cassia was pretty good during Cameron's class - she has a little posse of three and four year olds that she bosses around directs and they always have a good time - but Greyson was miserable. I'm not entirely sure what was wrong, aside from the fact that I am a Mean and Evil Mommy, but he cried almost the entire hour. Cried in the play area. Cried in my arms. Cried on the floor. Wahhhhh. Probably just the usual tired and teething thing, but sheesh it really got old. Luckily the other moms there had total sympathy for me and only laughed instead of giving me that "can't you do something about that" look. Thankfully he is asleep now. Cameron earned five stars today and received his ribbon for passing Level One. He's also halfway through his stars on Level Two and will probably get that ribbon next time (8 weeks from now).

And that was our crazy day today in Crazytown. No more breaks for us! I'm going to have to keep a strict schedule for a few weeks to keep everyone in line. But then we'll be going off for our pre-Christmas vacation and that will throw us all into turmoil again. The joy of the season I suppose. ;)


Pixilated Mum said...

Hey, girly.
You know, I tried to read your blog a few times this last week or so, and only the sidebars showed. Hm. It might just be me, though ...

And I think all kids are so resistant to getting back into the swing of things. I just had a big old talk about that with a good friend of mine. Sigh.

Glad you escaped unscathed (for the most part) from Crazytown. ;-)

G said...

Yeah, mine don't want to sit back down to homeschooling either, though we did end up getting a lot done today!

Glad you had a good vacation, and hope tomorrow is calmer for you.

Jenny said...

Hmmm, I never noticed anything weird with my blog and I checked it a few times. I guess the 'puters were in Crazytown too. ;) BTW, half of Cameron's gymnastics class was too, so I'm chalking it up to good old fashioned lunacy (as in, from the moon).