Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Update

As we were taking DH to the airport this evening, we were greeted by this. Luckily, we knew about it beforehand and were able to leave early and take an alternate, though three times longer, route. Otherwise we would've been stuck in dead-stopped traffic for who knows how long and missed the flight. Our interchanges were all still open for the homeward journey (and thankfully free of traffic), so we were able to drive right past the location. I think Cameron summed it up best, "Ohhhhhh, MAN!!!!" From our vantage point, it just looked like burned paper. Truly breathtaking, but not in the prettiest sense of the word.


naturalmom said...

Wow, thanks for the link to the pictures. I've been hearing about it on NPR all day, so I appreciate the visual to put with it. I'm so glad you didn't get stuck in the traffic. From what I hear on the radio, it sounds like this has a *major* impact on traffic patterns in that area.


hsmomof3 said...

Oh, wow! I heard about that on the news. I'm glad you were able to avoid the area.