Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(Cannot think of a) Title

Things continued to go well on the homefront. Cameron is still determined to earn as many stars on his chore chart as he can, so he is being super cooperative. We started our school day by continuing the spelling lesson that we never finished last week. The only thing notable there was when Cameron was writing a sentence about an animal's home, he figured out how to spell "house" all by himself. Well, mostly by himself. I told him that house was spelled like mouse but with a different first letter... and then I started humming the Mickey Mouse song, lol. He sounded out lives not quite as successfully as "liviz." It was a good try though!

Net he did three pages of math. It was the last exercise before the second review which means that I need to order some new books soon! He did really well on the multiplication this time. He can count by 2's, 3's, and 5's pretty well now so as long as the problem has one of those in them, he does well. Fours and sixes are a little harder and they haven't given him anything above that.

All the while Cassia was working in her ETC book. She said, "Let's call this my Science today." Yeah, ok. We can call it whatever you like, Sweetheart. She got bored with it after about a page and a half though and just wanted to play on Starfall instead. She did that for almost an hour! She really loves that site.

Later in the afternoon, we went to park day and it was windy, windy, windy. It wasn't as bitterly cold as some days have been so we stayed and endured it. DadR had brought a whole bunch of bubbles for the kids so they had a great time with him. They really love him. I haven't met a kid yet who didn't love DadR. It amazes me how some men can be so uninvolved in their children's lives. Men like my DH and DadR really give fathers a good name. It's sad that they seem to be the exception. Anyway, us women-folk just sat around and shot the breeze while DadR played with our kids and Greyson showed off his new walking skills. It was really funny watching him brace himself against the strong winds, lol.

And that was our day. Nothing exciting enough to even warrant a good title, but it was a good day.


G said...

Greyson's walking? WTG little guy! He looked like he wanted to walk at the park last week - can't wait to see him in action.

I know what you mean about uninvolved dads - I never saw much of mine even though my parents were together until I was 10 as he was always holed up in his study. Didn't change much after the seperation either.

We're wrapping up a bunch of books too, and it looks like we'll finish nearly all of it before the "school year" even ends. So we'll have a couple of light weeks before our unschooling summer.

Pixilated Mum said...

Ah, three cheers for Greyson's walking. Too cool.

I've been thinking about ya'll so much and the changes in the dynamics at home with DH's new job. I pray/hope all's going well with that. Awesome chore chart idea ... We may need to use that soon. Essie's been a handful lately.

You don't see too many dads doing, well, dad stuff. Nice of DadR to be doing stuff. I know it's rare to see dads out during the day. My kids flocked to your DH at Disneyland. LOL

Sounds like an all-around nice day o' schooling. Especially Cassia's science. ROFL

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

What?? Greyson is walking? But he was just born!! WTG Greyson but you're growing too fast!

Evan loves Starfall too. Some days, that's all teh school he gets done.

Meesh said...

Yay Greyson! My kids have gotten sidetracked fro Starfall with Webkinz. No so much a learning site, but oh well. It is very kid friendly anyway.