Monday, April 09, 2007

Play Ball!

Well, with Easter and all, we haven't gotten much accomplished lately. We did manage to do Cameron's spelling test on Friday (at DH's aunt's house in the back yard, next to her pool, lol) and he got 100% but that's pretty much all we've done. Well, not entirely. DH's aunt is a school teacher who is retiring after next year so she spent the majority of the weekend pawning off all her old classroom supplies on us. Things like books, she went to me first. Things like solar system posters and museum activity sets, she went to Cameron first - before I could say no. ;) No, actually, she gave us some great stuff. I really love the museum.

Monday, we were expecting a visit from some cousins so DH and I spent the whole day cleaning. Yes, we're lame. I know. But seriously, we're still trying to recover from our last two vacations! I'm just *barely* caught up on laundry. I haven't had time to clean anything else yet! I did do a couple pages with Cassia in her Explode the Code primer. We worked on the letter "n." Nothing too exciting there except that she seemed pretty proud that I was telling Cameron to stop bothering us because her schoolwork was important. He was drawing like crazy trying to get my attention, lol. He finally figured out how to do it - he started drawing butterfly life cycles. This led all of us into another discussion of butterflies and we all spend some time drawing them. Somehow, the colors of the rainbow came up and we ended up discussing indigo. I looked up the Wikipedia entry for them and then spent a good half hour rabbit holing that, lol. Gotta love it. ;)

The big news of the day though is that today was Cameron's first T-Ball practice! I was so proud! I know, I know, I'm just a prejudiced and gushing mom, but he did really good. He was one of the best throwers and definitely in the top 3 or 5 batters. His catching could stand a little work, lol. OK, his catching could stand a lot of work. But he had FUN and was really, really, really into it. All that extra energy that he has (and that usually gets him into trouble) was just focused intently on the game. He was just hopping up and down waiting for that ball to come to him. He would run from left field to first base to get the ball before anyone else, lol. The coaches were really cool about it too. They complimented his enthusiasm and then stressed the strategical reasons why you needed to play *your* position, rather than everyone else's. It really seemed like a great team. He'll be practicing twice a week for the next month and then the games will start in May, again twice a week, I think.

The cousins ended up running late and not being able to make it over so we'll meet them tomorrow. We're going to have to ditch 4-H to do it, but we haven't missed one yet so, hopefully, they'll forgive us.


G said...

Fine, just abandon us at 4-H! ;) Glad Cameron had a good time at t-ball - C.O. had his first Aikido class yesterday, which I'll blog about later. The cleaning all day bit made me laugh. Dh & I have done exactly the same thing when we're expecting relatives!

Vegiemama said...

Wow, sounds like Cameron did great at T-ball! That energy finally found an outlet :-) Hope you're feeling your groove more.

Pixilated Mum said...

Look at you, look at you, girlfriend. Your relatives are just pouring out the goodies lately, huh? A pony, free supplies, etc. ROFL You are so blessed, girl.

And you sound so much like a t-ball mom. How cute is that? Awesome of Cameron, by the way. I was so looking for t-ball for my kids but there weren't any classes available around us. Sheesh! Post pics when you can.

Peace out, my friend. And once again, thanks for the email earlier.

G said...

It was a good meeting! Sorry you guys missed it. C.O.'s Aikido is through our city - it's more convenient right now, though I have eyed that one in the newsletter too.

We'll see you Friday!