Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good News/Bad News

The Bad News is that we've all got a little stomach thing. I have it the worst: light fever, chills, nausea. Nothing too bad, but I feel like crap and have been trying to sleep most of the day away. We won't get into the ways the kids are showing their symptoms. They're acting just fine though. Grey's a little cranky, but he's always a little cranky so it's hard to tell what's causing it, lol.

The Good News is that this means that I'm not just a horrible, impatient mother who is not fit to homeschool, like I was suspecting yesterday. I was just getting sick. *Phew!*

At one point in the late morning, I was feeling ok and hoping that it would all just pass and so I pulled out the school books. Cameron did the second half of his Spelling lesson. He's not going to do very well on his test on Friday, I fear. Maybe I should have him make some flashcards or something. Even with the Word List right there, he tried to spell cold "cud" and car "cor." I know why he keeps having trouble with "ar" words - we haven't done them in phonics yet - so I tried to explain that "'ar' says 'Arrrrr,' like a pirate." If pirates can't make him remember, nothing will. Any clever ideas on what to do with spelling lists? If we were doing Sequential Spelling, we could make a tree or a ladder and hang all the words on the different branches or rungs, but these words aren't related. Hmmmm. Writing it three times after he misses it on the test seems to work, but I don't know that he'd do that for six words.

After that, I went on to science. They've been getting plenty of science learning in each day. For months now, Cassia has been obsessed with The Magic Schoolbus and insists on watching several episodes a day, so they aren't lacking in exposure, but I'm anxious to get onto Part 3 of MPH, Systems (specifically the systems that make up the human body). Today, I read Chapter 11 to them on the life cycle of a plant - which reminds me, I need to get outside and water - and it's nice that it coincides so nicely with the planting of our garden last weekend. We planted seeds, seedlings, and bulbs so we have a nice representation of the different ways plants can grow and reproduce. Cassia has been more interested in the garden than Cameron has been but hopefully once the plants start doing something a little more interesting then we'll all be studying it a lot.

OK, my upright time is up, lol. Time to go vegetate on the couch in front of Star Wars again.


Pixilated Mum said...

Hey, you. I hope you feel better soon! (((((HUGS)))))))

G said...

Sorry you guys are sick, and hope you get better quickly.
It's funny - CJ is way more into our container garden (strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, flowers) than CO. CJ loves to help water everything - I'm always a bit afraid she'll drown it all!
My mom did take pics but hasn't sent them to me. I'll take some tomorrow too, and get something posted.
The nature camp looks like fun, but I have to look at our budget first, unfortunately. Are you going to the record-keeping meeting this week?