Tuesday, April 24, 2007

iFinally have my iMac online

and streaming radio pretty much all day. :D I started out with 80's Flashback favorites and then once I had my fill of ABC and The Cramps, I switched to Classical Baroque favorites - which I am still listening to right now. I'm still trying to get used to this whole Mac thing. I've been a PC girl all my life. I even knew how use DOS and program in BASIC back in the day. (Do you know what DOS and BASIC are acronyms for? I do.) But I am adapting. The 20" flat screen and wireless keyboard help.

Anyway, what's this blog about? Oh yeah... school. Yesterday, Cameron did finally manage to get Spelling done after dinner and t-ball. He did it rather enthusiastically too and even started on some math but Cassia was watching The Magic Schoolbus and it was just too distracting. He didn't have enough time left before bedtime to get in his whole hour of video games anyway so the motivation just wasn't there. I was happy that he got through his spelling though. (And FYI, the LEGOs and the balloon pump wasn't really as interesting as I made it sound. They were just blowing up balloons and then shooting them off at the LEGO guys. They were also tying them up with balloons and then trying to blow them over with the pump. They even tried racing cars by blowing air at them, but they couldn't get them going fast enough.)

So today I was determined to get organized and get things done around here. I got the new iMac set up. I made bread (finally!). We returned our overdue library books. We went to the grocery store. And once we got home I declared it School Time. Cameron tried to object, but I just suggested we go outside and do it in the grass. I don't know... it sounded like a good idea at the time but, apparently, the afternoon is just not a good time.

Cameron was guessing at all the words he was supposed to be reading. Nonsense guesses too. I don't know how many times I said (yelled), "LOOK at the word before you guess!" Cassia was talking nonstop and kept throwing basketballs and leaves onto our blanket. I yelled at her a few times too. Greyson was holding onto and pulling my hair as walking support. He had banana in his hands at the time. Mommy was NOT having fun. We finally made it through phonics and luckily the last half of the lesson was me reading 80% of a poem with him only reading a few select long /i/ words. Even Cassia enjoyed listening to that, so I guess it calmed us all down a bit. (Why do my t's keep randomly coming out as crosses?) So then we went on to finish the math review from yesterday. It's much easier for me to slowly and painfully talk someone through every single step of math (39 - 20, ok, how many groups of 10 in 39? how many in 20? how many groups of 10 do you have left if you take 20 away from 39? and how many ones do you have? so what is one group of 10 and 9 ones?) than it is in reading so I just layed down on the blanket, put my head in my arms, and talked him through .... every .... single .... problem .... while Greyson smashed banana in my hair.

Tomorrow we are doing school EARLY. I just do not have the patience by the afternoon. I don't enjoy it. I look at it as "getting through this" and I know that that makes it torture for everyone. I think I also need to start having some sort of caffeine boost (or nap - lol, oh wishful thinking!!!) around 2:00 or 3:00. I know it's just me being tired that makes me so short with them.

Anyway.... our new Netflix movie is Splash so I'm going to call that Science. ;)


G said...

At least banana is very nourishing for hair! Seriously.
The whole Lego thing does sound pretty inventive. Yes, I know what DOS and BASIC stand for - does that make me a nerd, which, hee hee would make you one too?

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Pixilated Mum said...

Ugh. You know, whenever I read about someone doing school outside, I always think, "Wow, that sounds absolutely lovely, but it would never work for us." And I imagine the children running wild, and my trying so hard to make it a good and sweet experience that I'm yelling at everyone to relax and have fun, dang it, so it'll be sweet. LOL We can so NOT to do school outside. Who the heck wants to sit and do a workbook while there are butterflies to chase, birds to examine, rocks to stare at and a tree to climb? Ain't no one agreeable about that in this house. Unfortunately.

I guess our children have a lot in common. LOL

I know what DOS is, but I've forgotten BASIC. Uhm, we have an XBOX, though, so does that make us cool? LOL