Friday, April 20, 2007

Get It Done Early Day

That is what I am proclaiming today to be: Get It Done Early Day.

Little Boy Blue actually slept last night and didn't wake up until 5:17 this morning - woo hoo! So after dozing in bed with him for a couple more hours, I finally dragged myself - my fully rested self, thank you very much - out of bed around 7:00 am. I was showered, dressed, and fed by 8:30 and we had school work done by 10:15!

Cameron tried to give me a little lip about it, but I put my foot down and explained to him that I had to take Cassia to the doctor at 11:15 and then when we got home from that it would be almost time to go to 4-H LEGO Engineering so we had to do school now. He agreed. Yeah Mom! I love when I get tough and it actually works without anyone getting angry (including me). We started with a spelling test. He misspelled a couple words: one (pen) because he wrote his "p" backwards and one (leg) because he added an extra vowel. He was trying so hard to sound it out and I was trying so hard to enunciate it with the correct spelling that I think it confused him. I was saying "leeeeeeg" with a very definite short e sound and he was saying "llll-eeeee-AAAA-gggg" - or I guess that would be "luh egg" (is that French for 'the egg'? lol). Anyway, he got them right after copying them correctly three times. He even wrote them in all lower case letters on the correct parts of the lines on the wide-ruled paper. That's a big thing. He usually writes in the spaces between the lines, lol. Next he did Review 2 in his math book. He did great on it and didn't even complain that it was four pages long!

After that, I took Cassia to the doctor's. She's been complaining of an earache, off and on, for the past month or so, so we figured we should bring her in now to have it looked at since we have to change insurances at the end of the month. (Blech. I do NOT want to change insurances. I have been so happy with Kaiser and our ped and now we have to venture out into the great unknown of a PPO. Yikes.) She was an angel. It turns out that she does have a "red full ear" and I'm assuming that means ear infection. He said that since it's just pressure and intermittent pain that we should let it heal on its own and that that will probably take a few more weeks. And that's ok. After her hospital stay last year and the ridiculous amount of antibiotics that she had to take then, I am in no hurry to give her more. We just kind of wanted to verify that and make sure it wasn't being caused by wax build up or something easily fixed like that. She's asleep on the couch now. I always feel bad when I realize something like the fact that she's been moody and whiny for the last month is probably because she's been sick - but lucky for her, she will most like get an over-compensation of Princess videos to make up for it in the next few days.

Totally unrelated funny - Cameron just told me that "extraordinaire" is special air that's reddish pink.

We got home from the doctor's in record time so we still had about an hour and a half before LEGOs, which gave me the opportunity to do some things that I've been putting off forever - like laundry and cleaning the fish tank. Then we went to the 4-H center (and only arrived 5 minutes late which is early for us, lol) where we had a great time building LEGOs with C.O.5, J8?, and T5. The boys built catapults to launch a ping pong ball - C.O.'s was especially ingenious - and then attempted machines to kick the ball as well. Sadly, it will be our last LEGO meeting as the project leader is in the Coast Guard and is apparently being called off somewhere for duty. :(

We got home from that and I actually got my Membership Coordinator duties for our homeschool group done. I don't know if you can say I got them done early, per se, but the new names are due by midnight and I got them in before 5pm. It's something! ;) I would've had dinner done early too but I decided to blog instead, lol. Since Cassie is asleep and DH is at a Going Away Party with his old co-workers, Cameron and I are just going to have some burgers. That won't take long so if I start now, we'll have dinner earlier than usual too...

Happy Get it Done Earlyish Day!!!

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