Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tea & Sympathy

So, somebody hasn't been doing much sleeping lately - last night especially - and Mommy is tttttiiiiiirrrrreeeeeddddddd. Let's just say the morning wasn't as productive as it could have been. ;)

I did get a lovely surprise on the doorstep this morning, The Story of the Orchestra. It was supposed to be one of the books for Music Appreciation next year, but Cameron was SO excited when he saw it that we decided to read/listen to it now. First, I had him catch up on his spelling lesson for the week and then we read about about composers from the Baroque and Classical eras while listening to their music. It was nice to have the book and music cued up together. Very convenient. We decided to stop there but Cameron wanted to peruse the instrument section on his own. He was "just looking" but we ended up listening to the musical pieces that went with every single instrument. We even studied the diagrams of quite a few of them too.

Before we knew it, it was time to go to park day. We had woken up to rain, but the sky had cleared and I knew that if we stayed around the house I would just end up yelling at everyone. Greyson was still in a mood (read: screaming nonstop unless I was holding him, and even then sometimes too) and I was getting more and more exhausted, so honestly, I was looking for someone else to hold him for a few minutes while I rested my brain. It was windy at the park, really windy. And then it started to rain! We had only been there about 10 minutes and everyone packed up to leave. Man, was I disappointed! But thankfully, MomM invited us all over to her house to play instead. So we settled in with with her, MomA (not the one who moved away, but since we're talking about her - she just had a healthy baby girl on Monday!!), and MomC. The kids all ran off with their respective playmates to all corners of the house and the Moms and the babies (Greyson and BabyT) sat in the living room and drank tea. Greyson finally fell asleep and I was able to enjoy something other than the sounds of crying and/or fighting. Ah, bliss. It seriously saved my day and my sanity.

Thank God for friends. :)


G said...

Frustrating when the weather doesn't cooperate, isn't it? I hope you got more sleep last night, and that today goes more smoothly for you! I'm definately checking out the Story of the Orchestra now - both you and pixilatedmum have said it's good!

G said...
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G said...

I am purposefully trying to keep it a little on the lighter side - after all, they are only 4 and 6 (almost)!

As far as art, I am having a hard time figuring that one out. I know I'll be doing a lot of art projects for history, and some for science, and then I am not sure how far to go with a more formal art curriculum. I think I may just spend the year introducing different media and techniques, for example spending a couple of weeks or maybe a month working with charcoal, then pastels, etc. At least I have a while to figure it out!

Hope this sunshine lasts for tomorrow.