Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daddy Boot Camp

DH is in the midst of changing jobs. He gave his notice yesterday and then an hour later they handed him a check. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out! Now he's got a week off until he starts his new job. This new job is a bit of a commute (lol) and requires a lot of traveling so since he won't be home as much, he's spending this week catching up on all those household projects that have been in progress. Before he left, he bought Cameron a really special LEGO set at the company store and made up a chore chart for him to earn it. When he completes all of the chores on the chart (90 spots!) he may buy the new LEGO set at the discount price of $20 (it cost him $50 and that was with an employee discount).

So all day long, Cameron has been working hard helping Daddy and doing his chores: picking up the living room, folding laundry, picking up dog poop out back, etc. One of his "chores" is No Time-Outs All Day, so he's been extra good, lol. He readily agreed when I suggested school and though he whined A LOT about the phonics, he did it. We've really let that slide for too long. He was reading well about three or four weeks ago (which is why I thought it was ok to put it aside for a while when he requested that) but now he is misreading almost every word in the lessons. It's definitely time again for phonics and math nearly every day with a third subject being elective.

Today's phonics lesson was two pages long though and required a lot of reading, so I decided to only do two subjects today and let him choose whether the second would be math or science. He picked science and we did two activity book pages on measuring. It ended up being a math lesson too because the book wanted you to measure in millimeters. So a simple measurement of 240 millimeters turned into 20cm + 4cm = 24cm and then had to be multiplied by 10mm/cm to get 240mm just because of the way our particular ruler was labeled!

Hopefully the chore incentive will keeps its allure. I like hard-working and agreeable children! Now if Greyson would just stop biting everyone...

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G said...

I hope the Lego set maintains it's allure too, for your sake. Can't believe how rude your husband's ex-company was!
With spring fever in the air, we're lucky too if we get through phonics and math... sometimes a little something extra.
Like your coloring book idea btw - we'll have to discuss it sometime!