Friday, January 25, 2008

Week is over!

Phew! We made it through the week! It's amazing! LOL.

Yesterday we had a busy, busy day. We started with ballet. Oh wait, rather, we started with everyone getting sick on Tuesday/Wednesday and me wondering if anyone was going to be well enough for our big day. Luckily, they were human so we started with ballet where Cameron got a really nice compliment. He had been rambling on about his ideas on the invention of the toilet and the ideal building materials for it, lol. And then he was reading an Inside Your Body Book and was really getting into it and talking about it with me and coming to all sorts of wonderful revelations about how things work and why. Anyway, this lady asked me if he was homeschooled. (Probably because he kept asking me if we could do his schoolwork as soon as we got home. I'm sure this looked very ambitious and scholarly, lol, but of course we all know he just wants to play video games afterward!) When I said that he was, she said that he was one of the brightest young men she'd ever seen. Well, gosh, thanks!

Later was the 4-H Cooking Project that I lead for the little kids (3 - 8). I *so* did not want to do it, lol, but a commitment is a commitment. I felt like the whole thing was a disaster. I was under-prepared, disorganized, and easily frazzled. Shocker, huh? ;) BUT apparently it was a success! The oldest girl even came up to me afterward and told me what a good time she had today. I was pretty shocked because she kept asking to do things like add the milk or stir the soup and I kept asking her to let the littler kids have a turn first. I thought she would be upset, but she truly loved helping them and didn't mind going last at all! Yeah her! I also must give credit to MomS and her guitar. That woman could tame any wild banshee. And finally Greyson probably owes his life to MomL who designated herself my second pair of hands. She is one of those inhumanely patient and practically perfect in every way AP moms, and I'm telling you she was indispensable to me! She was the one who would remember to remind the kids not to touch the moving parts of the can opener and to watch out for the step stool. She held the bread for me while I helped Cassia butter it while holding Greyson on my hip, lol. Now normally, perfection annoys me but yesterday I could not have appreciated it more! After all that, I decided that we'd just call that school for the day. ;)

Today, Friday, it was pouring rain all day. I was very thankful that we didn't have anywhere to be. So we just stayed home and did laundry for the most part. Cameron did Phonics, Math, Grammar, and Spelling. Nothing too exciting there except that he did an excellent job on it all. Also of note is that he asked when we could do Science. Whoops! I guess it's been too long. I did try to get some science in by watching an old episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. I loved it! It was just as good as I remember it. The kids were not so enthralled. Oh well, I tried.

And now dinner is ready so I have to go. Forgive my lack of proofreading.

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G said...

I always get jealous of AP perfection... since I don't have it.

I think the kids all got the cold/whatever at the same time through computer osmosis, since it has been quite a while since we've seen you guys!

Hey, while I'm here, how are you feeling these days?