Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm alive, I swear!

Hello everyone! Nothing too exciting going on here. Well, Greyson has been doing some cooking...
...yes that is dog food in the pots. And yes those are steak knives in the background. But other than that, nothing too exciting.

I did get my blood results in and they look great. In fact, they're really, really high. So high in fact, that people are starting to tease me about twins. LOL, yeah, that would be funny. Imagine what my kitchen would look like with three little chefs!

School today was Phonics (intro to 2-syllable words), Grammar/Language (learning the months of autumn), and Math (the last exercise in the 2A workbook). Again, nothing too exciting. We took the holiday yesterday. DH was home so they all basically just played video games all day. *roll eyes* We were going to do gymnastics today but C&C suddenly came down with a cold so I had to cancel.

And that's the news from Bermland. Sorry it's not too exciting. :)


G said...

I can totally picture you with twins, one on each hip, Greyson clinging to your leg.... really glad to hear that your numbers look good though!

Jenny said...

Don't forget C&C running in circles around us shooting spit wads! Ahhh, I could start my own circus!

Vegiemama said...

Yay for those nice high numbers. When's your u/s peakie look-see?

Pixilated Mum said...

Awesome about the high numbers! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Wow, Greyson is a monkey, too, like Sebastian ... How do you remain calm about it all? Sebastian has me seriously frazzled lately ... He clings and cries, and then, you know, I feel like crying, too. LOL