Friday, January 04, 2008

School called on account of Rain

If public schools can have Snow Days, then I can take a Rain Day, right? I woke up to a windy and stormy day and it just looked like the kind of day where you just cuddle up on the couch and watch movies and drink hot chocolate... so we did! If it was nice, we would've gone to the park anyway so it's not like we missed anything really. I did make sure to read them another African folktale for bedtime to make up for it. This one was called Too Much Talk. It was pretty funny. The kids especially liked the "Aiyee!!" parts. LOL. So far, Africa wins on best folk tales. We read some Miwok ones last year and while I really enjoyed them, they didn't have that fun catchy humor that the African ones have.

Other than that, we watched Harry Potter 1 and played a little Pokemon and then I played a little Wii. Cameron had lost his Wii time for the day (not because we didn't do school, just because of something that happened yesterday) so that freed the system up for me to use for a change! There is a Wii fitness test on it, lol... my Wii player age is 47! I think I need to practice a bit more!

We also didn't do our chores today, but the laundry got finished (finally!) and the house doesn't actually look too bad. But I must admit that the couch cushions are in disarray and there's a baby in the middle of the dining room floor. LOL. OK, I must go. I have been at this computer way too long today. But that reminds me, does anyone have any advice on DIY sunroom additions? We're very seriously considering one. DH wants to do a kit rather than hire a contractor, of course. I'm ok with that as long as we know all the "don't"s before we do them!

(Rereading this I am thinking that I should save it as a future example of how NOT to write a well-structured and flowing paragraph. ;) But, thankfully, I'm pretty confident that you guys don't read for literary genius.)

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G said...

Yeah, we called school on account of rain (and unfortunately timed errands) today too.

A sunroom would be great! I'm not sure of any troubles associated with building them, but I'll ask my construction friend for advice!