Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas in January

A big box arrived on our front porch today. It was from Grandma C and Grandpa G - you know, the ones we were supposed to visit the week before Christmas and then rescheduled for the week of New Years and then rescheduled for February. Well, I guess they got tired of holding our Christmas presents for us and mailed all 33 pounds of them to us!! (Can you imagine how much that cost to ship???) So it was Christmas all over again. Cassia got a music/jewelry box with a spinning ballerina inside. She's just been staring at that little dancer for hours. She also got a set of clingy Princess paper dolls. (Clingy as in plastic clothes that hold on to the doll by static cling. Not clingy as in those Disney Princesses really need to find some self worth beyond their respective Princes.) Greyson got a remote control car (very cool!) and some foam lift-the-flap books. (Also very cool. I'd never seen those before.) I got a new super soft robe, some puzzle books (cryptogram and suduko), and this amazing looking cookbook published in 1924. I love old cookbooks. Cameron got this.

So my incentive for school today was, "You can build it as soon as your schoolwork is done!" We did Phonics (a review on all the r-changed vowels) and Grammar (learned the summer months and their abbreviations) and Math (reviewing division by 2s and 3s). Then we did, get ready for it... History! For the first time in about two weeks, we did history. Unfortunately, Cameron didn't want to do the coloring page that went with the reading and Cassia didn't want to do anything! (She was too busy playing Princesses. They were all sleeping in the drawers of her jewelry box, lol!) But we did the reading and Cameron, grudgingly, did the mapwork. Tomorrow, I have high hopes of finally wrapping our chicken mummies. That will count as History and Science.

We also started our day with a bike ride. We had to run over to the pediatrician's office to pick something up so we just decided to ride bikes/push strollers. Aside from Cassia's training wheel falling off and Cameron having some chain & gear issues that were beyond my comprehension, we had a great time. I think a morning bike ride might be a great tradition to start on those mornings when the temperature is above 60. Now I just hope that the weather holds up until Friday. I want to go to the park!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

LOL at your definition of clingy! Poor princesses and their self esteem issues!

Congrats on BlobbyBerm! He's adorable. ;)

Jenny said...

Funny how you assume Blobby is a boy, Mary. Maybe I should have spelled it Blobbi. ;)

Meesh said...

dang. I hit the "post a comment" link, got distracted by something, had to pee, phone rang, and now I'm finally back and can't remember what I was going to say. I'll be back.

Meesh said...

oh yeah, I wanted to say that I love old cookbooks too. I love going to thrift stores and browsing the book section for them.

G said...

I have this great old cookbook called The Farmhouse Cookbook from (running off to look at the publication date) the 40's, plus I have a bunch of "hippie" cookbooks from the 70's, and a Finnish cookbook (I think from the 70's too). Old cookbooks are fun!

I wish I didn't work tomorrow... park days are much missed in this house at the moment.

eniksleestack said...

I find old cookbooks all the time, what's your favorite era? I'll keep an eye peeled.

Oh, and congratulations on your blob. :)

And oh, you know who is a REPUBLICAN??!!

Hmm... don't know how I feel about that. Hmm...

Jenny said...

The older the better! I think my oldest is a 1914 one. I especially like ones with etiquette tips and menus... you know, something that really gives a feel of the time.

If you're referring to my older post... No!! Thank God, he's not a Republican! He registered as "Decline to State" which means that all political parties call and harass him instead of just one. Phew! Divorce was so in the works! ;)

Oh and we' haven't told people (i.e. Cheryl) about Blobby yet, so shhhhh! But thanks. :) When are you and B announcing?? ;)

eniksleestack said...

The only B and I are announcing is our new beagle/ Rottweiler mix puppy. And how tired he has rendered us. ;)

So when does DH start working down in LA? He mentioned coming up here to stay for a night or two.