Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sick Day

Poor Cameron woke up miserable this morning, so no school for him. He spent most of the day on the couch watching tv and napping. He did feel better later in the afternoon so we played a couple games of Crazy 8's and then I taught them how to play Rummy. Cassia kept winning, lol.

Greyson also spent much of the day in his crib either napping or in trouble. Yes, I know, you can't really punish a baby (even though he knows what he's doing!!) but when he starts getting super crazy, nine times out of ten when you put him in his crib he will scream for a minute and then fall asleep. Today was not one of those days. He decided to continue freaking out in his crib and apparently bashed his face on the crib rail, giving himself a "bleedy" nose, as Cassia said. Luckily it stopped really quickly because he would not let me anywhere near his face with a tissue or washcloth. The boy is a maniac.

So that left me and Cassia to ourselves for most of the morning. We put together a Hawaiian Hula Girl craft that she had gotten at a birthday party a couple weeks ago.

She was asking all sorts of questions about Hawaii so I looked up some stuff on Enchanted Learning. I didn't even print anything out but she enjoyed looking at all the thumbnails and the map of the Islands. After seeing a coloring page of a Hawaiian flag, she decided that she wanted to play this freeware geography game we have called Seterra. We spent about an hour taking turns playing that and I still can NOT keep straight the flags of Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Guatamala. All those blue and white stripes confuse me, lol.

And then Cameron woke up and then Greyson did and I've been running around ever since. Fingers crossed that everyone else doesn't get what Cameron has (he's been so miserable today), that it's not strep, that it's not mono, and that it's not pneumonia either. All three of those have been going around and I'd prefer to just stick with a plain old cold, thank you very much. I must go, Little Mister Screeching Stompy Feet apparently needs something. *eye roll*


G said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a cold and goes away soon! Mine finally seems to be moving on. I assume Cameron sick, you won't be at the park tomorrow?

Funny, we played card games today too!

Isn't it nice once in a while to just have a little "girl" time? I know my Cassia loves it when it's just the two of us!

Pixilated Mum said...

Hope the boy feels better soon!

And C looks so, so sweet. : )

Really? G is into everything? Not my darling Sebastian who sits oh so quietly and never, ever does anything wrong. (BWHAHAHAHAHAH. Right. *eyeroll*)