Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I take it back

I take back what I said about the LEGO levers kit not being Cam's favorite because this morning he turned off Pokemon Diamond and Peal and got out the lever set all on his own. He rebuilt all of the models and had a great time trying to turn the scale into a catapult. And it's not even science day. ;)

In fact, we did the whole day out of order! We started with Grammar and reviewed our poems and our noun definition. Cameron asked if we were doing "thing" nouns today, but alas, more places. I would've skipped it but it was a fun lesson! We brought out a state map and looked for all the proper place nouns on it. That was really fun. The kids learned a lot about map reading as we searched for mountains, lakes, airports, forests, islands, and ghost towns. Yes, ghost towns. Did you know that AAA maps mark those? LOL, I didn't!

Next we did History! I've never done History second. I generally like to get the "three R's" out of the way first and then move on to the "extras," but we were still finishing our sandwiches and having such a good time just sitting around the table together that I wanted to do another group subject. So we read about Babylon in our history encyclopedias. Cassia was upset that we didn't have any more coloring pages or map work to go with it, lol. Cameron was upset that there were no LEGOs involved today. ;)

After that was Phonics which did not go as smoothly as yesterday. In fact, Cameron was almost in tears because he didn't want to do it. He said he was "just kidding" yesterday when he said that he liked it. But I had him sit on my lap and helped him through it and by the second half of the story, he was reading semi-confidently. I tried not to get annoyed when repeatedly read "knight" as "kanigut." ;)

After that we had to go to the Sheriff's station! I had to go have my fingerprints taken for 4-H so we all trekked up there and spent two hours in the car for about 15 minutes of Sheriff. (Note to self: when your horoscope says "Skip the shortcuts and stick to the straightaway today...Getting sidetracked or lured away by promises of more time or more money is not a good option, so avoid veering off in any new directions," then stay on the freeway despite the back-up and news report of a slow down due to gawkers at a car over the embankment. It just may end up that your city-street shortcut is even WORSE because they are repaving a major road, closing it down to one lane on each side, and that four blocks will take you 12 minutes to travel. Sigh.) So we ended up sitting in a lot of traffic and were about 10 minutes late to my fingerprinting appointment that I was trying to be at least 15 minutes early to. Thankfully, it was not a big deal and no one even mentioned the fact that we were late. I was worried because when I called to get the appointment there was a two week wait for one. I was horrified at the thought of them canceling it because I was late. But they were great and I'm thinking that a tour of the Sheriff's Station would be a super cool field trip. :)

We went straight from there to a park day. It was hot, hot, hot but the kids had a great time. Greyson and his little baby friend T1 were having fun playing in the water fountain. I'm not sure what the other two were doing (besides running around a lot with several other kids) because I was too busy chasing babies, but that's the best thing about park day. Lots of kids, lots of parents, and few worries.

Home at last, around 4:00, and Cameron was slightly miffed to find that I really meant that we would finish his schoolwork when we got home, lol. But it was just math and it was just some measuring of lines so it went quickly. So quickly that I even had time to play a short game of Pokemon with him. He thoroughly kicked my butt. And that was our day. :)

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Pixilated Mum said...

LOL about Cameron's "just kidding." That's so like a kid. ;-)

And maybe he was doing the whole "Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail" thing by saying "Kanigut", know what I mean? And I think that is how it was actually pronounced during that time. Methinks. Could be wrong.

Glad to hear of a lovely park day! Three cheers for 'em!