Monday, October 22, 2007

Activate Pokepowers!

One mere month ago, Cameron saw a Pokemon cartoon at his Grandma's house. Two weeks later, a little girl at the park gave him 4 Pokemon trading cards. Seeing how much he liked them, I went and bought he and Cassia the Trainer Game. It's been all Pokemon, all the time, ever since. Even DH went and got himself addicted to it, so now, we all have our own decks and are all saving our chore money for booster packs to make a better deck. We'll probably end up with big family tournaments and possibly our own little homeschool league. *roll eyes* I dream Pokemon. It's everywhere: on tv, on the dining room table, in their imaginative play, on my computer. I had to draw the line at the Pokemon wallpaper on the computer. It's my computer. I need a Poke-free zone.

So Friday we went to the pumpkin patch with the homeschool group. We had a "school tour" and got to have a tractor ride, entry into the corn maze, a sugar pumpkin from the patch, and chocolate milk for only $4 per person. It was a lot of fun and we just beat the storm which poured down on our little town in the late afternoon. We got no schoolwork done because I was determined to get the house vacuumed and they were determined not to help me at all. On Saturday, DH told them that if they got all the toys from the day before put away in x amount of time, then he would take them to WalMart to buy some packs of Pokemon cards. And that was the beginning of the end. See the first paragraph for details of the rest of our weekend.

Today, Monday, was mostly back to normal. We did Phonics - which went super well - and then Grammar - common "place" nouns - and then Math - measuring by the meter. For History we read the SOTW chapter on Hammurabi and Babylon and did the usual mapwork and coloring page. After we finished I told Cameron that I had one more thing that I wanted to do. He whined until I said, "We're going to build a Ziggurat out of LEGOs!" LOL, he was thrilled. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough blocks to really finish it (LEGOs seem to only come in kits now and kits don't seem to need actual blocks!), but I really love Cameron's design. (Forgive the Pokemon debris in the background, lol.)

Later was gymnastics where they both did really well. Cassia's coach kept telling the other kids to "watch how Cassia does it" which makes me feel great, especially since she is the youngest in her class. Cameron is really, really trying now and it's really showing. He's making some really good progress. But really, how many times can I really say "really" in one really boring paragraph? Really! ;) OK, must go get crying baby now - eight teeth in the last two or three weeks. I think I would be crying too.

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hey, we built a ziggarat out of legos a few weeks ago. GMTA!