Monday, October 15, 2007

Phonics Mania

We started the day today with Friday's Spelling test. Yes, I know it's Monday. The good news is that he got 100%. Yeah!! Next I had him do the first two pages in the next lesson, which happened to be a review of the first twelve lessons - most of which we did last year. It was easy work and should be fun reviewing all those words in Spelling Time. I'm going to let their Friday test suffice for review weeks.

Next came Phonics. That went surprisingly well until except that he couldn't seem to remember that the "gh" in most words is silent. Words like "through" were being pronounced "trug" but at least he wasn't complaining about doing it.

Math was two pages of subtraction where you need to borrow from the hundred's place, as in 400 - 37. That went really well. We did the textbook problems on slate boards and Cameron thought that was super fun. Greyson thought the chalk tasted good. :P While Cameron did that, Cassia did the pages for the letter "l" in Go For the Code.

We followed that up with Grammar. The lesson was entitled "Picture Narration" though we didn't really do a narration. We just looked at the picture and talked about the people in it. Cassia was much more interested in the exercise than Cameron was. She had a good time making up a whole complex story to go with the scene. Cameron was happy to let her do all the talking. I was happy to too because she was having fun and I didn't really see the point in the exercise. But maybe I'm just dense. ;)

Finally we got to History and I finally got to the library this weekend, paid my fine, and picked up a couple books on Sumeria and some ancient Arabian folk tales. We read You Wouldn't Want to Be a Sumerian Slave! and Aladdin from Arabian Nights: Three Tales. The book about Sumerian slaves was interesting (to me) but didn't really hold anyone's attention, except for the two pages on the bloody war, of course. Aladdin was another story though. They were both hanging on every word and afterward we watched Disney's Aladdin to compare. We decided that we like them both, lol.

Next Cassia brought me some Bob books and said that she wanted to read them. I suggested that maybe we should work on some more phonics first and so we did another lesson in OPGTR - the letter "b." After that she went and got the Bob Books again, she was determined! She "read" the first two books, but by the third it was obvious that she just had them memorized from the last time she tried to read them, lol. She demanded that we finish all the red ones though so I fed her the words for numbers three and four. After we finished all the easiest red books, she went and got her ETC primer again and moved on to the letter "g." That girl was motivated today!! Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up now, however ineloquently, because blogger has a scheduled outage in 3 minutes and I must save before then...

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