Friday, October 12, 2007

No fever? Do your math!

Cameron was much better today. YEAH!! No fever at all and his cough was totally controllable. Whew! Greyson has a bit of a runny nose and hasn't been sleeping all that well. Last night it was so weird, he was waking up crying every hour (and I had already given him Tylenol before bed because he decided to climb out of his crib and land ON his head. *sigh*) so I brought him into my bed so that I wouldn't have to keep getting up to comfort him. Well, he slept fine with me! He woke up a lot and changed positions, usually on top of me in some way, but he never cried. Weird, huh? I'm thinking maybe it's just his sinuses hurting and so keeping himself elevated over my back helped him sleep. Except that frequently he was laying in a teepee style over my back: head on one side, legs on the other, butt up in the air, lol. Like I've repeatedly said, the kid's a nut. ;) Cassia has seemed fine so far but she slept in until 9:30 this morning which is about two hours later than normal. She also burst into tears this afternoon during hide-and-seek when Cameron found her too fast, which could be a big sign that she's headed downhill too. We'll see. DH comes home tonight so I'll have some backup if I suddenly have an onslaught of sickos.

So I tempted Cameron after lunch with some Spelling Time. He did the last lesson, a spelling test in which he only missed one word, book (spelled it "booc"), and then played a snowboarding game. One thing I like about the program is that you have to earn tokens to play the games, so you can't just spend all day there playing games. I think I'll give him his official test sometime this weekend.

He had started playing LEGOs almost as soon as he woke up today and built this elaborate space station and so he went back to that as soon as his Spelling Time game time was up. After another hour or so of that, I got out the math book. When he protested I told him that unless he could come up with a fever, he had to do his math. He felt his head and then agreed, lol. Math went slowly. I think that maybe I am going a bit too fast on this section. He kept making mistakes in borrowing so I put on my old math tutor hat, got out my scratch paper and colored pens, and slowly went over the problems. He was able to keep better track of things using the colored pens but I think, for the rest of this section, we'll do the textbook problems either on the white board or on scratch paper instead of just doing them orally. I *might* even have him do one of the practice sessions but I know he is anxious to move on to the next chapter, measurement.

Cassia did some work in her math book today and coincidentally that was on measurement too. She's not as interested in doing the measurements as doing the coloring of those measurements, but that's ok.

It was raining today so both Park Day and a soccer game were canceled but that's ok because we weren't planning on going anyway. I feel like I'm forgetting something I wanted to say.... ???

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G said...

Glad to hear that no one is deathly ill there! I like the bit about getting a fever or doing math, lol.

I rearranged my links - thanks. It did look kind of confusing when I really looked at it.

Oh, btw, yes, fractions, but they're simple ones, and we're not the ones doing borrowing and all that in math!