Tuesday, October 23, 2007

He said what???

Shocked, once again, at what just came out of my son's mouth. Here it is...

"You know Mommy, I really like reading now. I don't mind doing phonics at all and you know what? I kind of like reading the stories."

And all it took was a Pokemon obsession to give him something that he really wanted to read. OK, that's not entirely true because it's been slowly coming (the "clicking" of the whole reading thing) for a while now, but for him to actually say it?? Wow. That was something. Something great. :)

So today was Phonics first (his choice!) and then Grammar (Cassia's choice). I expanded a bit on the Grammar. First we reviewed the poems The Caterpillar and Work. Yes, Cam already has Work memorized after going over it only twice before. Then we talked about proper "place" nouns and instead of just writing our city and state on a piece of paper with the correct capitalization like the book said, I took everyone over to the white board and did a whole "thing" on proper nouns and capitalization. In fact, I practically duplicated a lesson from my own grade school experience that I, for some reason, remember in absolute detail. Oh, I know why I remember it, lol. The teacher was asking for proper nouns and putting them into person, place, thing columns on the chalk board. I said, "Vons," which was a grocery store and she said, "No, dear, we can't use 'The Fonz.' We already have enough people nouns. Can you think of a place instead?" I was so offended that she thought I had said "The Fonz" that it burned itself into my memory for thirty years, lol. Anyway, we had already named a bunch of places while on the couch but I put up a list of mixed common and proper place nouns and had Cameron identify which was which. He even wrote "Ourtown, California" with proper capitalization (which is a huge thing for him - he loves to write all caps) all on his own.

Next was Math. We did more measuring with meters and then learned centimeters. Easy cheesey. Science was two-fold today. First thing this morning we watched the shuttle launch which is always a fun way to spend the morning. :) Then later, after Math, Cameron finished off the LEGO Science levers kit. He made a simple scale that was pretty cool. He definitely didn't enjoy this kit as much as the one on gears, but he is NOT going to complain about LEGOs for school, lol. You just can't not have fun with LEGOs.

Then came Pokemon, Pokemon, and more Pokemon, lol. He still needs to do Spelling Time today but that can come later. Cassia has ballet later today and hopefully I'll get some OPGTR in with her while Cam is doing Spelling Time. Poor girl gets so neglected school-wise. I hate to think how neglected Greyson will be! LOL.

Good thoughts going out to all my friends out there in the fire zones. Maria, Meesh... please keep us updated. Stay safe, my friends.


naturalmom said...

Cool that Cam's getting into phonics and reading now. That picture is really funny! Thanks for the link to the shuttle launch. Mt kiddos will enjoy watching that.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Yay, Cam! I'm glad you found something to peak his interest... but I can not join you on the Pokemon obsession. LOL That's one my boys have managed to avoid. :)