Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well, I never got around to doing school with Cameron today but that's mostly because I was too busy doing school with Cassia! The head cold came back full force today so that gave me a late start to begin with. Cameron was busy playing Transformers and Cassia was begging me to do school with her so I figured, why not. We learned the 4th verse of the poem The Five Vowels. We spent quite a while reciting that and as I was gathering up my stuff for Cameron's lessons she said, "But wait! I want to work in my dinosaur book too!" And so she did about twelve pages, finishing off her Explode the Code Primer B. She was determined. By then I was dozing in my chair, lol, so I told her that I had to go rest for a few minutes before I could do anything else. As I lay down, I looked at the clock and realized that we had been working for an hour and a half!

After a quick nap and some Sudafed and Tylenol, I went on a cleaning binge and scoured both the bathrooms. I think being sick makes me want really clean bathrooms for some reason. Meanwhile, Cassia was on a cut and paste adventure and made some very nice artwork. Then I realized that were out of a good many food staples and so we ran to Trader Joe's. And then it was dinner time.

I was really debating whether to call today a school day or not in our record book but then I overheard Cameron and Cassia's after dinner conversation. "Cameron, what's 22 plus 3?" and he answered correctly. "What's 29 plus 99?" and again, he answered correctly. She spent about half an hour asking him random math questions. Add that to the dedicated study and memorization of Transformer instructions (which are way too complicated for me to follow!) and the two Big Adventure Series documentaries we watched, and I'd say it was a pretty educational day even if I never asked him to do any school work.

We ended the day with a nice little bike ride down to the elementary school to play on their playground. See? We're not totally anti-school! ;) One final funny - Cameron asked me if the rest of the kids there (there was a flag football team practicing) we Go-Schoolers. Since we're HomeSchoolers they must be GoSchoolers, lol. I think I'm keeping that term.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Definitely a school day!!
LMBO @ goschoolers!! makes sense!!

Our local school playground has profanity written on it. It's a very nice playground in a tiny little town. I reported it to the school several years ago but it's still there.:( Now that the kids can read, we don't go there anymore.

my5wolfcubs said...

Goschoolers, that is adorable! I've heard some homeschoolers refer to themselves/their style as "carschooling" because they're always on the way to one activity or another.

Hope your subsitute teachers allow you to rest & recover!

I really enjoy your blog!