Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I won again!

It must be my lucky week! I have just received the "Nice Matters" award from Stephanie. I'm usually not big on blog awards because they're so random. A popularity contest really. And then others are passed on so freely that all meaning is lost. A couple months ago, Maria passed on a "Thinking Blogger" award to me which meant a great deal... until I realized that everyone and their brother had that award! How can everyone be a thinking blogger? Cheapened the whole affair for me and so I never even acknowledged the gesture of its bestowal upon me. Sorry about that.

But now I have received the "Nice Matters" award, and though I have doubts that I really am all that nice, lol, I am keeping this one to remind me that being nice does matter. We all get stressed. We all get frustrated. We all get tired. But some people have the ability to rise above that and not take it out on everyone around them. Nice does matter. I don't know if that was the original meaning of this particular award, but that's how I am taking it. So I am passing it along to the two people who keep me inspired to be nice. People who can laugh in the face of red-skunk striped hair or small children projectile vomiting in front of old high school chums. I am passing this award (see sidebar) to Maria and Meesh. Congratulations, ladies. Keep up the inspiration.


G said...

Well, I never got the award, so not EVERYone gets it. Poop.

Meesh said...

awwww gee thanks Jenny!

and G, I'm not a Thinking Blogger apparently either- but seeing as I know how much thinking effort goes into getting my sentences to make sense and fit in with all the others I write, I reckon myself to be a Thinking Blogger anyway!

Pixilated Mum said...

That award is popular? Really? I've not seen it much? Ohhh!


Or maybe you just hang around a lot of brilliant people. LOL

Thanks for the Nice Matters award. Blush, blush.

Jenny said...

Well, that particular week I saw it on about 6 different blogs and, well, how can I say this... several of them made me think but more in the "Wha'???" kind of way, lol.