Friday, August 31, 2007


Finally got school finished today - everything I had planned and then some. We started a little earlier than usual today, about 10, and started Cameron's brand new math book. It was just a review of counting the tens and ones in a number like 84, but it was still fun to start a new book. The thrill of a new book apparently inspired him to try more new things and so he read the first half of a DK Reader about rockets. I figured 15 pages was comparable to one lesson.

Next we went out to run some errands in the hopes of tiring Greyson out so that he would nap when we got home. I'll spare you the story about the nightmare time at Long's while they FORGOT to put up my number when my prescription was ready. (Yes, I finally decided to get the antibiotic as my cough is creeping back again.) Then we went for blood draw #2. I love that lab. There's never anyone in there. Greyson indeed fell asleep on the way home, so I put him into bed, made lunch, and then crawled into bed myself with my book. I think the hormones are starting to get to me because I burst into tears from stress while making grilled cheese. Cassia thought that was hilarious. *roll eyes*

When I finally felt rested and composed once again, I reemerged and announced that it was time for History. I passed out the Egyptian coloring pages and read the first half of the second chapter in SOTW. When I was done the kids were only half done with their pictures so I asked if they wanted me to read another story. They said yes! So we read the rest of chapter two, which was the story of Osiris being murdered by his brother Set and then being brought back to life by his mummification. This led to a discussion about how people used stories about gods to explain things that they didn't understand. This one was actually to explain why the Nile rises and falls each year (the tears of heaven for Osiris) but it was the resurrection that caused Cameron to exclaim, "That didn't really happen, did it??"

We finished up with the map work of Upper and Lower Egypt. I'm glad that I've been giving them the coloring pages and the maps. I never thought Cameron would be a willing participant in coloring, but it really does help to keep him focused on the story. And I also love seeing the different styles that they use to color. Cameron is careful and precise. Cassia is wild and flamboyant. Her picture today was so beautiful. The colors didn't scan quite right, but her picture is almost like looking through a stained glass window into a vibrant sunset. I'm very curious to see what kind of an artist she matures to be.

We ended the day with soccer practice. While Cameron practiced, Cassia and I discovered the best game: Follow the Baby! It's a cross between baby-sitting a toddler and playing follow the leader. Toddlers make amazing Follow the Leader leads. I've never had a more fun time playing that game.

Tomorrow is my birthday so we are going on a hike by the beach. Other than that, we don't have any special plans for the long weekend. I did receive a bit of cash in a card with specific instructions to spend it on something only for myself, so I may indulge in a pedicure and a half-caff latte or something on Sunday. Mmmm, that sounds nice. Anyway, *talk* to you next week. :)


Pixilated Mum said...

Oh, you're making me want to study Ancient Egypt again! Which is fun because, like, it was not that long ago. LOL My kids LOVED that whole Set story and acted it out for days and days. Seriously. Thank God they're homeschooled kids because seriously that's something that would stand out on the playground. "Hey, brother, check out this golden sarcophagus!" *eyeroll*

Awww, preggo hormones ... Awww. (hug) Stupid macaroni and cheese. How dare it make you cry. Fie, fie on you, mac and cheese.

Sounds like school went so well, and I love reading about all the going-ons.

So, how far along are you in the pregnancy according to your calcuations? Have you told the fam yet?

Pixilated Mum said...

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which in Spanish is:
Feliz cumpleanos.

No charge for that Spanish lesson. LOL

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!

Ah, pregnancy hormones... I remember those. I once cried at Dairy Queen b/c they'd already shut down the chocolate soft serve. They wanted to give me vanilla!!! gro-oss.. when a pregnant lady wants chocolate, vanilla is not a suitable substitute!

hsmomof3 said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!