Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Plodding Along

I almost "called in sick" today, but then I realized that it's only Tuesday and I could very well feel WORSE tomorrow, so I bucked up and went on with school.... though not until about 2:00 pm, lol.

Cameron did a phonics lesson on the "aw" sound. He did a math exercise on subtracting things like 92 - 25. Meanwhile, Cassia worked on a Handwriting Without Tears workbook and a slate board. Her letter formation is really looking nice! Next was science and Cameron pasted together a plant diagram puzzle and then drew and labeled a green leaf from the backyard. He couldn't answer a single one of the questions about how the leaf makes food for the plant and I wasn't feeling very patient so I just told him all the answers, lol. We can read up on it later if he's ever actually interested. ;)

This minor day of schoolwork did bring us to some exciting milestones. We have only one review and then one more chapter left in Primary Math 1B which is on money AND we have only one section left in MPH Science 3B which is on magnetism. That means that we should be finishing up our last year's books right about the time that the local schools start up. I'm still planning on adding Spelling back in sometime soon. I was thinking of doing that the week that our local elementary starts but that's next week. I'm not sure if we're ready yet. I may wait until the first week of September. And then I was going to start First Language Lessons on the Autumnal Equinox (the beginning of our Fall Quarter) but maybe I'll delay that until the first week of October. I think we're supposed to be on lesson 140 of phonics before we start FLL anyway and we're only on lesson 117. We'll be lucky to get to lesson 140 by October.

So that was our highly exciting day. I will spare you my complaints about our internal network, printer drivers, and my sore throat and throbbing sinuses. I think I should make *something* for dinner now, so if you will excuse me...


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

awwww, hope you're feeling better!

Evan will be using HWT this year, too. I didn't order the chalkboard but I'm starting to regret it. Can we do it w/o the chalkboard?

Jenny said...

You can do it w/o the chalkboard but it's so much fun!!! It's also good for proportion. I remember, Cameron was having a really hard time with some of his letter until we got the slate boards - instant success.

Meesh said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow not worse!

I didn't join CHN until I signed up for the EXPO- they did an early registration thing so that if you booked rooms at the venue, and registered for the event is was $15 per member older than I think 2. We paid a total of $75 for our family. The rooms were discounted to $85/night so it was really a reasonable trip. I haven't joined HSC though I'm on their elist. There was no LINK conference this year, the last one was May 06, I think I saw somewhere that there will be one again in April 08. I'll let you know if I get more info- I'd like to try it out now that I've gotten my feet wet. It was SUCH fun!!! I totally think you and Maria should plan on going to next years! (CHN) Many veteran conference goers have been saying that this is the best they've ever been to (HSC, CHN, LINK)It was the first year done in the particular way it was done.

Do I sound like a gushing fool!?

my5wolfcubs said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow! I laughed when I read about you telling Cameron about plants--not only can you look it up later, you can study it again in a few years! We're on our 2nd study of plants...however, no one has announced they want to be a botanist yet.

I do have one who wants to be an archeologist though! So I'm off to find those posts where you mentioned archeology books!