Friday, August 24, 2007

I did the unthinkable

I skipped my favorite park day. Can you believe it? And when I have such important news to share with my favorite moms, some of whom I haven't seen in a month! But this cold is still kicking my butt. I actually had to use an Albuterol inhaler last night before I could go to sleep. I could NOT breathe. I feel better-ish now, but there was no way I could imagine myself sitting out in 95 degree heat watching the kids get filthy. And there's a soccer game tonight too so I didn't want to push myself too hard.

Cameron asked me to do school today. It was about 11:30 and he asked me if we could do school anytime of the day. I said sure. He said, ok, tomorrow I want to do school really early in the morning. Do you think I should let him know that tomorrow is Saturday? LOL. He asked to start with math instead of phonics. We read the very last section in the textbook and then did the very last exercise in the workbook. He was so excited (and not already burned out from phonics) that he went ahead and did one of the two remaining review sections too. The whole thing! All four or five pages, bringing his daily total seven or eight. All done perfectly too. I'm so proud. :)

Phonics was relatively painless too. He's really just breezing through it now. I even had both he and Cassia chanting Roy the boy has a toy. Oh joy! in review. LOL. Much more fun when everyone does it.

For History we read about Jericho and Catal Huyuk in the Usborne Illustrated World History and then read about early farmers in the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. If I had been a good girl and done my prereading, I would have realized that those two books would have been better read in the other order, but oh well. Also, if I had been a good girl and looked at my Master Schedule I would have realized that we were supposed to make clay pots from Jericho today for Art History but I didn't have any clay. Ooops. I guess I could've made salt dough or something but there's just something cool about the feel of real red clay. I suppose we also could've just used some of the clay saturated dirt from our front yard but that is a messy proposition. Maybe another day when my head isn't throbbing. Anyway, I'll pick up some clay this weekend and then we can read some library books and then make clay pots on Monday. The next section is Egypt and I just requested my Egypt books from the library today so they probably won't be here until late in the week anyway.

Okie dokie. I guess I better get my little man all geared up (literally getting him in his gear) for his very first soccer game.


my5wolfcubs said...

Hope Cameron had fun at soccer! We loved studying Egypt! Have you see our projects?
I'm trying to get geared back up after a project lull...
Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

How'd the soccer game go?
Hope you're is feeling bettre!