Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday & Thursday

Sorry for the lack of creative title. It's taking all my creative strength to just blog, lol. It's been HOT here - 90s yesterday - and we have no air conditioning. And let me tell you, spending three hours at the park right before a t-ball game isn't really the best way to manage your day. It sounds good at the time, but by the time the first inning is over, so are you. LOL. Cameron kept getting "talked to" by his coach for sitting in the outfield. And on the pitcher's mound. ROFL. Greyson just wanted to pull everything out of everyone else's bags and then cry whenever I'd try to redirect him. Cassia wanted to play TAG! I don't know where she had the energy for that. Phew! I'm worn out all over again just talking about it!

Earlier in the day we did a little school: just one phonics lesson and one math lesson. Phonics was a long /u/ review called "Cross the River." You laid out 27 cards in nine rows of three cards each. Each row had one word that had a long /u/ sound and the game was to walk the length of the river, only stepping on the long /u/ stones. I thought it was going to be fun but Cameron just wanted me to read all the words for him. I guess, in retrospect, it wouldn't have hurt anything if I had but it really annoyed me at the time. The math lesson was telling time on the hour. Cam did great on that. In fact, even Cassia was telling the time on them! I may kill two birds with one stone on this one.

After that we rushed off to the park to play and play and play. At one point, MomM took her two boys, B6 & J4, Cam & Cassie, and another boy, T6, to get frozen yogurt. She was going to take all five of them by herself but I decided to tag along and give her a hand. HA! OMG, I had zero control over those boys and she just put on her Mommy Voice and said, "We don't act like that in a public place" and that was that. I couldn't believe it. Of course, I didn't think to do anything but roll my eyes when T6 was trying to teach Cameron how to belch on command whereas she told them that was not appropriate behavior for a food establishment. No wonder they wouldn't listen to me when I *did* decide that they were going too far! She also didn't have any problem reprimanding children that weren't hers. T6 spends a lot of time with them so I think he is like one of hers, but I just keep thinking Well, maybe MomS lets him belch at the table. Who am I to say that he can't? LOL, yeah I know, grow a backbone, Jenny!

Today we didn't do much of anything except gymnastics. I can't wait until Cassia can move up to Cameron's class. I cannot take chasing Greyson around for an hour and a half for too much longer. Man, toddlers are a lot of work! Cameron was acting like a crazy monkey the whole time too - running and jumping and wrestling with some other boys when he knows that that is not allowed in the mezzanine. *Bleh*

I did do one productive thing. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Classical Archives. There was a lot of great music on those cds that I got at the library, but not many of the specific works that I was looking for. I was browsing in the iTunes store and they wanted a dollar a song and when most classical pieces are broken up into multiple movements... well, I would've paid more than $25 just trying to get all of the Baroque pieces I wanted and for that I can get 1000 downloads a year at Classical Archives. I may have to go beck to iTunes for Rondeau because I couldn't find a savable version of that on CA, just Quicktime midis, but one dollar won't break the bank this week. ;)

Thankfully, we are doing a little bit of camping this weekend. I'm a bit bummed at the timing because I was invited to a Homeschool Mom's Night Out on Sunday, but maybe I can go next time. Tomorrow will be spent trying to get things organized for the weekend with a small break for preschool park day. Who am I kidding? Preschool park day always ends up being an all day thing, lol. Oh well. We're actually not leaving until Sunday morning so there will be plenty of time for DH to do everything for me. ;) Hope this entry wasn't too whiny - it's been an exhausting couple of days.

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Pixilated Mum said...

LOL about the Mommy Voice and the whole growing a backbone comment. Are you a more relaxed sort of mom? Maybe that's it.

I'm an unbalanced mom. Depending on what it is, I think, "Whatever. Kids can be bathed." Or then, if it's a Serious Matter, I get all like a General. I once took a personality test that said my personality was a blend of General Colin Powell and Mother Teresa. I am so not kidding. DH thought that was hysterical because it's right on. Thanks, hon. Sigh.

Have you done a Moms' Night Out thing yet? I don't remember if you have ... Now that I've got an IRL group, I do that once a month, and I gotta tell you, I love it. Them girls ROCK. It's so nice to be with a group of equally hyper gals who are amped about homeschooling. I think I'm the nerdiest, though, with my obsession with education books (books about education rather than educational books), but they love me anyway. LOL

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