Friday, May 18, 2007


OK, here's my philosophical moment of the month... ever notice how children's games always have a "safe" place? I never taught them that and yet somehow, every game has somewhere that is safe. It's usually me or the sofa but whatever they're playing, whether it's tag or Star Wars, someone always frantically runs to said spot and yells, "SAFE!" I like that I am frequently "safe." I hope that I am always someone to look to for safety. I hope our home and our homeschool is too. A port in the storm. A lamp in the darkness. A light in the shadows. Safe. Home. Always.

And now back to the mundane. Today, while Cameron and I did a lesson on single "o" as long /o/ (as in cold), Cassia practiced her letters with a Handwriting Without Tears book and slate board. I cannot recommend that slate board enough! There is nothing better to teach the correct formation of capital letters than that slate board. It's how Cameron learned, and loved it, and I could not believe the quality of the letters that Cassia was writing today all on her own.

Next we did science and finally got to move on to the human body. We began with an introduction to the five senses. There are so many rabbit holes in this subject that I could easily see our study of it lasting a long time. That's good because I'm going to need some practice in using multiple resources for our work. I've become lazy and dependent on workbooks and that is just not going to cut it once we start history. I mean, it's fine now because so much of our learning just comes through life - but with my knowledge of history, the learning is going to have to come from somewhere else. And again, with my knowledge of history I can't afford to trust just one source. We need to spread our net wide and catch all the information we can.

And on that note, I need to grab a couple resources and look up what exactly we have available around here on the senses and what happens when you lose them.


G said...

I know what you mean about using multiple resources - it's not necessarily easy, but so worthwhile. I'm putting it in practice with our dinosaur studies, which is giving me a good chance to figure out how this will work for history and science next year!

Can't wait to see your new haircut next week!

naturalmom said...

I'm often designated as "safe" too. :o) It's a nice compliment, though I have to admit it's hard to do dishes with someone diving into your legs every few minutes, lol!