Friday, May 25, 2007

All you need is love, Love.

Love is all you need. That reminds me, I should import to my iMac. I am really digging iTunes. I was all about the Walkman and my myriad of cassettes (which I till have most of) in high school but for some reason, I never really got into playing cds that much. I don't know that I'd really get into an iPod either, but I love how easy it is to play music through my 'puter. Nothing fancy, just pop it in and go. OK, import in progress. ;)

Anyway that is nothing like what I intended to blog about, lol. I was coming to say that we did absolutely nothing that resembled schoolwork today, but we did have a lovely time. It was preschool park day and whoa baby did we have turnout! We got there almost an hour late and the only ones there were MomK and her DD L4. T6, the one who was trying to teach Cam to belch on command Wednesday, lol, was with them as well. That was fabulous as it was because there was someone for everyone to play with... not that they *have to* break down into boy/girl groups, they just always do.

...And here's a totally random thought: you remember when Maria said that music helps some kids to concentrate while they do schoolwork and hinders some others? Well, music also helps some people write fabulous blog entries and hideously stalls others. I was importing One and had to turn off the sound because I could not string two words together with the lyrics running through my head at the same time. DH always works with music on and he likes to listen to it to fall asleep too. I can't. It distracts me. Keeps me up. Classical is different though - it's the lyrics that mess me up. I just get so involved in what they are saying and what the lyricist might be trying to tell me that my mind goes a million miles away and nowhere near work or sleep...

Um, so where was I? Oh yes, at the park! Oh we had a fabulous time. Maybe half an hour after we got there (and L4, T6, and Cameron had finally resolved their who's making the rules "issues") MomP and her DD S2 show up. And then about forty-five minutes after that MomM, DadR, and their two boys B6 and J4 arrive. And then about half an hour later it was MomM, her son J13 and her DDs LG5 and T(almost)1. And then an hour or so after that MomS and her boys H13 and B9 show up. (She's also T6's mom.) Oh there was another lady who came too, but I wasn't officially introduced to her but I think she was MomC and her DD was 2. I can't remember her name though. Anyway, it doesn't matter at all except to say that there were a million friends there and we had the best time with them all.

Homeschoolers always hear all this BS about "socialization" and all that... bah humbug! I say. Of course, I'm sure that I'm preaching to the converted (except, of course for my soon-to-be cousin-in-law that really should consider homeschooling if they ever actually have kids, lol) but you've really gotta love the interactions between these kiddos. They went through every typical drama that I'm sure are the normal dramas for their age. It was great.

We moms sat around and planned beach trips and hiking trips and camping trips and such while the kids just played and played. DadR, our Hero of course, took the boys on a hiking adventure while the girls took turns riding in a stroller (I don't even know whose stroller it was now that I think about it!), and we moms just sat and gabbed. We talked about Moms Night Out. We talked about things to do this summer. We talked about what messes our houses are. We talked about pediphiles in the neighborhood *shudder*. We talked about internet safety. We talked. Real ADULT talk. Nice. :D

Apparently though, I wasn't the only one having a superiorly nice time with the girls. When I said it was time to go (after almost 4 hours and EVERYONE else was also leaving - we wanted to leave all at once so no one looked mean, lol), Cassia just burst into tears. "NOOOOOOO!!!!! I want to stay with my FRIENDS!!!!!!" She was So Sad. Real Tears and everything. I told her to say goodbye to everyone and she went up to all the boys first, sobbing, to give them a hug. Then she went to the girls and LG5 was already on her way to the car when Cassia got to her. She Freaked. "NO!!!! DON'T LEAVE YET!!!!!!!!" Bawling her little eyes out, she gave her friend a hug and told her that she really didn't want to be done playing.

Thankfully, LG5 lives right down the street from us so they invited us over for a movie tonight. I got Cassia and Greyson into their jammies (Cameron was "too big" for that even though he ended up sleeping in what he was wearing, lol) and we went over to watch Arthur and the Invisibles. Good movie. Good time. It was a nice distraction to our nights. And Greyson found a new girlfriend. OMG T1 is in LOVE with him in a BIG way. You think I'm exaggerating but I am not. She would crawl up to him (she's not walking yet), use his shoulders to pull herself up to standing, and then eat his face. Ear, nose, mouth, whatever was in reach. And he was totally OK with it as long as she wasn't gouging his eyes out - which did happen a few times. But it was so hilarious. She would follow him around and he would just be all nonchalante but then MomM took her older son to a sleep over at his friend's house... and took T1 with her... Greyson freaked. He followed them to the front door and was banging on the door and playing with the doorknob, lol. He wanted his girlfriend back!

Once she did come back, they were both very nice to each other and just played and played. LG5 and Cassia played a lot too. Cameron was glued to the movie. When the movie was over LG5 asked Cassia if she wanted to sleep over. Cassia REALLY wanted to but I decided that she was too young. I just know I would get a phone call at 3:00 am saying that she had a bad dream and had to come home. MomM had asked Cameron about a month or so ago if he wanted to sleep over (LG5's older brother has a lot of sleep overs so she is jealous - that's why there is so much pressure in that arena there) but he said he didn't want to do it unless we were all there, lol. Cassia had no such concerns. Funny how different they all are.

Anyway, we had a fabulous day. At one point, at the park, Cassia said, "Boy, you sure are talking to a lot of moms!" LOL, yeah. I guess we might need to get out more. I guess I might need to actuall pick up the phone instead of the keyboard one of these days when I'm feeling bored and lonely??? Ya think?

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Meesh said...

That sounds so great! I haven't been to a park day in a while. (wonder why) Actually one of the groups I'm in is trying to pick a new day. This area is soooooo weird. There are tons of different homeschooling groups, the only really large ones are the Christian ones. All the secular/open ones are small and somewhat scattered, but many of the same people belong to all of the elists. There is one established semi big secular group that is pretty well organized, but it has mainly older kids. Some of us want to combine the young homeschoolers group with that group since our kids won't be "young homeschoolers" forever. But it seems that most don't want to.(I do- how many park days can you really do in a week?) anyway- TMI for a comment I think.

I love my ipod- and itunes,though I use it more for podcasts and books. I have an adapter for my car and I got Ben one of those JBL mini speaker systems a couple years ago- it is great- I have it in our kitchen and play our Suzuki music in the background of our life. We also plug it in out back and Owen likes it when I play "songs that rock" (his personal fav is Best of You by the Foo Fighters)

Hmmm what can I ramble about to make this comment even longer? I

*I'm still in jammies. (10:30 am so that's not too bad)
*I can't wait to see you & the kids (and Eric if our playdate consists of helping him move in!LOL)
*My kids should be all better with minimal coughs by then too.
*I don't feel like going downstairs and being a mommy right now (can you tell?)
*alas I have too, since Daddy is at work
*MIL is taking the kids for a few hours later today to give me a break! YAY!
*Ok I guess I'll go now.