Saturday, May 19, 2007


Remember my dilemma the other day about where to get the full versions for our classical music studies? Well today I found the answer: library sale! Not only did I happen upon the library sale, I happened to stop in during the half price sale! The cds were regularly $3 each but for the sale they were 3 for $1! (Yes, I know that's significantly less than half price, but blame their signage not me.) The books were regularly $1/inch but they were half price and I ended up getting an entire grocery bag of books and cds for only $5. Unfortunately, I just realized that I got a duplicate of one of the cds but I did get 5 unique collections of classical music. (Hey G, would you like my duplicate cd? 200 Greatest Classics Vol. XVI) Now I just need to hunt down every library sale in the state to find the other 12 volumes of this series. ;) OK, maybe not. I do need to finish importing them into iTunes and then see how many songs I can match up to the Beethoven's Wig and Themes to Remember titles.

I also walked away from the library sale with a couple animal encyclopedias, a few books on dinosaurs, several field guides to local trees and flowers, a couple board books, a young reader version of Robin Hood, and a children's dictionary. Hard to believe that I didn't already have a children's dictionary. I wanted a couple cookbooks but Cassia said that I already had too many books and wouldn't let me look at them for more than a second. She made me leave just before I got to look at that Fondue cookbook... probably for the best.

And my blog entry would not be complete if I did not mention that Cameron did 2 workbook exercises in math on halves and quarters and a long /o/ review in phonics. This was a make-up school day since we didn't do anything on Monday and he has to do schoolwork five days in a row to get free video game play on the weekend. The phonics was really fun. We had 15 cards with various long /o/ words and phrases on them and I would lay them out, five at a time, and then draw one of the things. He would have to guess what it was and then find the right card. It was really a fun way to get him to read. We may have to play that again sometime.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

JACKPOT!!! I just got a children's dictionary at our homeschool picnic yesterday. I did have an older one but the new one's nicer. :) I can't resist a book sale!

Meesh said...

Wow! Very cool! You definitely scored!!

G said...

I obviously need to start hitting those library sales too! Yes, I'd love the cd - thank you!

Now that I look at our bookshelf, I don't have a children's dictionary either.... I had better go find one!

Pixilated Mum said...

Ohhhhhhhh, I want to go buy some books now, toooooo. (*said in a whiny voice* LOL)

Rad deals! ;-D

And that's *IT*. Today we're doing classical music. I keep reading about it in your blog. I need to sit down TODAY and do some stuff. They listen to it all the time, but we need to do more with it. : )