Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Well, it looks like all I needed was a little determination for productivity and it just happens - even when I can't stick to the schedule. I mean, I set out for a week of strict, scheduled routineness and end up with fevers and coughing and more fevers and fevers that won't go away. (Yes, Grey got a good one last night and it's been murder trying to keep it below 101. Grrrr.) But I've gotten laundry done and bread baked and healthy dinners made and schoolwork done and well, I can see the living room floor and the kitchen counters though I wouldn't exactly call them clean... but they will be soon! I guess my point is that it isn't really the schedules or routines or what-have-you that keep your life in order - it's the desire to keep your life in order.

I've never been one to stick to a routine. I am too much of a "joy of the moment" girl for that. But every now and then I crave one and try to concoct one and never ever stick to it, but do come away with some small measure of order. (And this is all frightfully ironic considering that anyone will tell you that I have the most organized cupboards in the entire world. My MIL thinks I'm an organizational goddess, lol. Little does she know...)

Anyway, in between crying babies and doses of Tylenol, Cameron did science and phonics today: his choice of subjects. We've been automatically doing math and phonics each morning this week so I guess he's realized that that is our "core." Today though, he said he wanted to do reading and science instead of math. We started a unit on Systems for science. He really, really, really wanted to skip ahead to the part where we learn about the human body but I just couldn't. This chapter sets the stage for the whole rest of the book - most of which is the human body. I felt bad that I couldn't let myself say, "ok, let's study what you're interested in" but I made up for it with a maze where you match the parts of a system (bicycle, elephant, jacket, tree) to the whole. He loved that. Anyway we ended up doing one thing in the activity book and one exercise in the workbook for a total of 4 pages. And that was the whole chapter and I think we get to move on to the systems inside the human body next. Phonics was "oe" as the long /o/ sound. He did great. He even remembered how to read the words "moan" and "groan" when he was reading the story, which impressed me.

The only other news today is that Maria's age post got me thinking about how old I feel. Well, we all know where that leads... haircut! I've probably just been watching too many Audrey Hepburn movies lately but I suddenly decided that I needed too short bangs and a sexy little bob. LOL. Yeah, Audrey Hepburn definitely wasn't 30 something when she was pulling off that look but, hey, why not. I look a bit more like an aging goth nerd chick than My Fair Lady, but my DH actually noticed that I cut my hair, so that's something. ;) When I first came out Cameron asked me if I had taken a "hairy shower." He said that meant when you take a shower and you come out with your hair all messed up. Humph. I said no, I had just cut my hair (yes, I do it myself). He said that I needed to go fix it. Again, humph. After an hour or so he finally said that he was beginning to like it. Cassia, sweet girl, told me that she loved it instantly. Anything having to do with how you look is A-OK in her book. I cannot seem to get a good picture of myself though so you can't see it today. :P

And that is the news. Good night and Happy Birthday Maria! :)


G said...

I don't care if it's a "good" picture or not - I want to see your hair! I love Audrey Hepburn too - I was watching How to Steal a Million earlier this week. I have an occasional urge to cut my hair... maybe a longer bob (almost shoulder length), but then I always chicken out. Don't know what dh and the kids would make of it either.

Hope your kids are feeling better today!

naturalmom said...

Wow, you cut your own hair! I want to see too. :o)

I'm glad you've had a productive week in spite of the sickies. I find that if I can keep to my schedule, I get so much done that it's almost unbelievable to me. If I stray from it very far, it's like I'm struggling to keep my head above water. Why is it so either-or?? I don't know.