Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When life gives you lemons...

make fruit salad! Or rather, when you go take a shower, leaving your 6-yr old in charge, and he decides to not notice when the baby (who happens to only be two feet away from him) pulls down the fruit basket and takes a bite of every, single piece of fruit, make fruit salad. The good news - besides the good news that we're having fruit salad with dinner tonight - is that if Greyson is anything like Cameron then that means we're in for a pretty easy Terrible Two. Cameron was a demon at around 18 months and then was positively delightful at age two. Then a demon again at three. Four was okay. Five was great. Six, so far, is headstrong but I am really enjoying the person he has become. His babysitting skills need a little work though. ;)

Cassia, on the other hand, didn't have the huge burst of demon-like behavior around 18 months. Two was definitely terrible though! Three was okay, a little whiney but generally an enjoyable year. At four she is amazing me with how grown up she is.

Funny looking at my declarations of good and bad behavior - I think I see a trend. Years when I am pregnant, I have proclaimed horrible behavior and years with a newborn are delightful. Perception is everything, I suppose.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, lol. Today Cameron only did half a phonics lesson. It was a two-page lesson and he had some trouble with the first page - read and read, wind and wind - so I decided to save the second half for tomorrow. Next was a math exercise that he breezed through. It's still in the review part of the book but it's getting him used to doing more problems per page. We finished off with a couple of workbook pages in science. There are about a million workbook pages on magnets, stuff that I really feel we already covered with our experiments and readings, so I tried to skip some of it but Cameron wouldn't let me, lol. He hates leaving blanks unfilled-in.

Cassia made some great progress on her math book this weekend. She's just breezing through Earlybird 1B and only has two or three pages left. She tried to finish it off this morning but it was just too much. I did finally have a successful session with both of them working at once. Cameron is finally able to work on his math without help, at least this chapter, and Cassia was identifying and coloring different shapes, something she needs no real help on either. I was able to easily flit back and forth between the two keeping everyone moving smoothly along.

Next we were off to run some errands, make a quick stop at a friend's house and play with all of her kids' toys (but not her kids, lol), and then off to ballet. Cameron and I had our traditional quesadilla and mandarin Jarritos while Greyson smeared sour cream all over his face. The waitress there just loves Greyson, lol.

Nothing too exciting today, sorry. I did finally start the final Harry Potter book last night. The problem is that while I am so excited to finally be breaking into uncharted territory, as it were, I am a little burned out with the series. I mean, three months of the same books is a little hard on my poor brain, lol. But I know I will miss Harry when he is no longer such a big part of my evenings. Gosh, I might even have to straighten up the house or something after the kids go to bed instead of just curling up with a book! Nah, maybe I'll just find a new book. ;)

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