Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Wednesday with No Clever Title

LOL, even less clever the second time, isn't it! ;)

Things have been busy here. It's been a rough couple of days but I'll spare you most of the details and just give the highlights.

Tuesday morning was spent at the OB's office. Then Cameron and I had to rush off to the first 4-H meeting of the year which went quite well. There are a lot of new families this year giving a nice big age range. I had quite a few people sign up for both of the projects I'm leading which means I need to get busy and start organizing something! One of them has its first meeting next Thursday so I really need to get cracking.

DH was working from home the first part of the week so he got the honor of taking Cassia to ballet. He actually got her there on time, but forgot her ballet slippers at home so she ended up being about fifteen minutes late to class. Not great when the class is only 45 minutes to start out with! I had a feeling that was going to happen but yet I still didn't mention to him that there's a huge box of loaner slippers in the waiting room. I guess I figured that might make him think it was ok to forget her slippers or something? I don't know, but I stupidly didn't mention it. Next time I will. ;)

Anyway, we made it home before they did and took advantage of the time to do the schoolwork that we hadn't had a chance to get to yet. Cameron did one phonics lesson and one math exercise before DH got home with Cassia and Greyson. Next I brought out the Science workbooks and we got started on the half a million workbook pages on magnets. I am really tempted to skip most of them but I know Cameron is looking forward to finishing the book. You can't "finish" the book if you skip all the pages!

Wednesday we had to start the day by watching our library videos that were due back. The morning was spent watching "The Big Submarine" and "I Love Toy Trains #8." Certainly more educational than what a lot of kids watch for their morning brain candy! ;) Next I tried to rush us through math and phonics so we could go to Park Day. Cameron had other ideas. He wanted to start with math and finished up the first exercise pretty quickly. So quickly that he hadn't gotten his math fix yet and wanted to do another! So we had to read another section in the text first and his attention started waning. We finally made it through that but then he just got silly and careless when trying to do the problems and I finally just took the book away. Yes, I am the mean mother who takes extra math work away from her son and forces him to go to the park instead. LOL. First I had to rush him through a phonics lesson though and once I got him to stop spinning in the stupid chair (I HATE that stupid chair) and look at the words he was supposed to be reading, he did great. He's quite a reader now but you'll never get him to admit that.

Then we finally got out the door to return our library movies and then go to the park. We got there, with a bucket of dinosaurs, to find that L5's mom had brought just about every board game in their house! Cameron and L5 just played and played and played. They barely left the table at all in the two hours we were there. Her mom was joking that we really needed to teach those two some manners on how to get along, lol. Greyson, on the other hand, kept wandering away and climbing into the middle of a lawn bowling tournament. Crazy baby.

And then we came home to find a lovely box of hugs on the front porch. Thanks again, my friend, from the bottom of my heart. You don't know how much it means to me... or maybe you do. :)

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G said...

I'm pretty sure we own all the I Love Toy Trains dvds if you ever want to borrow any.

Trying to squeeze 4H in. I think we might be able to fit EcoArt in!