Monday, September 10, 2007

The Monday with No Clever Title

Today we started the day with the typical whining about phonics. I decided to be nice and start him off with math instead but it turned out to be a VERY reading and writing intensive lesson, lol. He had three pages of reading and writing numbers in the hundreds. Big numbers like seven hundred ninety-nine. Ah, the irony. I told him that that could count as reading today if we also did another math lesson which was more mathy.

Meanwhile, Cassia did about eight pages in her new math book. She's pretty unstoppable once she gets going. There was one set of pages where you were supposed to match up a one-to-one correspondence of items and then write how many there were left over. Well, she didn't even need to match the items up! She just looked at the pictures and wrote down how many more there were in the larger set! Looks like I've got another math prodigy here. ;)

Next was History and we spent the "period" (for lack of a better word) reading library books. We read Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile by Tomie dePaola- weird story. I have NO idea why it was recommended in the SOTW activity guide. It was neither educational nor a particularly enjoyable story - I'm not a big Tomie dePaola fan though. It was just strange. I'm sure a lot of kids love it. Mine didn't. Then we read Croco'nileby Roy Gerrard. That was a fabulous book. The art was gorgeous. The poetry a delight. The story both fun and funny. Big thumbs up on that one. We finished with your favorite teacher, and mine, Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in Ancient Egypt. Always a good read there.

We finished off the day with gymnastics. Nothing new or exciting there except that now that school's back in session there are only three kids in Cassia's class and the rest of the gym is deserted! What a switch that is! If only we could get the same for Cameron, but his class is full of about forty-five kids who would rather be just about anywhere, I think. He did a really good job of trying, for a change, though. :) And now DH is home so I better get dinner started.


G said...

I don't like Tomie dePaola either. We read one once called "Nonna Upstairs, Nonna Downstairs" because the kids call my mom Nonna... well, it turned out to be about one of the Nonnas dying and how much the little kid missed her. It was a depressing story altogether. Since then we've avoided that author, so I think we avoid the Egypt story too.

Thanks for the invite to the museum. I have to look at my schedule, etc and see if we can do it. Is IS something we want to see at some point!

G said...

Supposed to read "we'll avoid the Egypt story too".

hsmomof3 said...

We read all three of those books, too. And, yes, my kids were those who loved Bill and Pete. ;-) Oh, well. It takes all kinds, I suppose. lol