Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Walk like an Egyptian

Oh we had so much fun today!!!! We went to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum today and OH! what a field trip! It's always been one of my favorite places and I can't tell you what a treat it was to share it with my children. We used to live nearby and I was even a Rosicrucian for a couple years. That's on my list of "stuff to get back into" someday when I have more time, lol. Their spiritual philosophy (which is spiritual, not religious, and is supposedly compatible with all religions) just resonates right with my mind and my soul, but I got really behind on my reading. Months behind. Many, many months behind, lol. Always the procrastinator! I used to hide it because I was afraid people would think I was a freak, but now I realize that anyone who knows me already knows I'm a freak and doesn't care. Anyone who either doesn't know me and thinks I'm a freak or knows me and doesn't like me because of my freakiness, well, I think they're freaks. So there. ;)

Anyway, the museum has one of the largest collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt. I love looking at all the little household statues and cosmetics pots and the gorgeous handmade jewelry. And to see the hieroglyphics... paint that has been there for 4000 years! It just leaves me with my mouth hanging in awe. The kids liked the mummies, lol. Human mummies, cat mummies, hawk mummies, even a baboon and baby crocodile mummies! They also liked the toys and games - something they could relate to.

But the best part was the replica of the stone tomb. We silently crept into the darkness, our footsteps echoing ominously against the cold stone walls. We stepped back into time. They took slow, quiet, tentative steps (MY kids!) as if they were the first to ever explore this tomb. It was magical.

Part of the way through the museum, during a bathroom break, I asked Cameron if he was enjoying himself and he said "Oh yeah! This is THE coolest thing EVER!" Gotta love that. Also gotta love the fact that we have been studying Egypt so they recognized things. They knew hieroglyphs and the Rosetta Stone and they recognized quite a few gods. They knew the difference between cuneiform and hieroglyphs. They knew how the clay tablets were made. But they were most thrilled of all to find that it was all, or at least most of it was, real. Such a cool thing. Did I mention that I love this particular museum? I also loved that I felt like an expert, lol. I recognized a lot of things from our studies and also from the museum's Teacher's Study Guide (from 2001) and informational pamphlet (copywritten 1974, lol) that DH's retired school teacher aunt gave me. I felt very powerful just pulling up strange facts from the top of my head without having to read the blurb, lol. It's the little pleasures. ;)

On our way out, I happened to notice that we were just in time for the planetarium show, so I asked the kids if they thought they could sit through that. They did fabulously! Greyson amused himself with a fruit bar and then a nice long sleepy snack of Milky Milk. Cassia, my princess, belched very loudly once, but other than that they were perfect! I am officially sticking my tongue out at all the doubting old people who rolled their eyes and groaned at us as we walked in. :P~ When it was over both Cameron and Cassia said, very loudly, "That was so cool!" I'm so proud of my little homeschoolers!

One final gush. As we were noisily traipsing from the last gallery into the gift shop, the little ones' patience at its end - though still cheerful and having a blast - an eldery man (see, he was nice so I'm not calling him "old people") said, "You need some more of those!" I think he was being sarcastic, his wife swatted him for saying it, but I just grinned and laughed and said, "Yep!" We had such a great time. I am so glad that I chose to cancel the stressy things this week and keep the fun ones.

I will end with the other favorite activity of the day: pose like a statue.

And let's not forget Greyson's favorite activity: running around the fountain.


G said...

Oh I wish we could've gone! Sounds like (and looks like) you guys had absolute tons of fun, and I'm glad you got a chance to just have fun too - you needed it!

Well, we'll get down there someday...

Pixilated Mum said...

That's totally an awesome place. Wowza. And I hear ya about knowing stuff as supposed to reading the little written cards beside exhibits and passing it off like you know it. LOL Awesome place.

ROFL about the freaks rambling monologue though. LOL

The kids? Adorable as always.

Jenny said...

Hey, are you calling me a freak??

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

looks like fun!! We had a small Egyptian show at our local museum and they kept the mummy closed out of respect for the dead... very disappointing to people who'd come to see the advertised mummy!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Wow! Neat! Looks like a one-of-a-kind field trip. I'm wishing there was such a thing around here.

Thanks for letting us live it vicariously.

Vegiemama said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome museum! I love ancient Egypt stuff. Still reveling in having gotten to see the King Tut exhibit two months ago :-)