Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Still here!

Sorry, it's always hard for me to blog on Mondays. Let's see, what did we do...

Monday was the typical one phonics lesson and one math workbook exercise. Cameron has really, really, really gotten the hang of this three digit addition stuff. I'm really proud of him. Cassia's getting all mathy on me too. We were on our way to WalMart and she starts in with, "Did you know that one plus one is two? And two plus two is four?" She got a little bit thrown once she got to three plus three because she had already told me that two plus four was six, so it didn't make sense to her that three plus three could also be the same thing. I tried to show her with my fingers, while driving, lol, how one finger from three plus three can move over to the other side to make two plus four, but I'm not sure if it sank in. I think it might be time for her to spend an afternoon with the Cuisenaire Rods. For History we read about the first writings in our encyclopedias and then we headed off to do a bunch of errands before gymnastics.

Tuesday we did a phonics lesson and I was able to leave Cameron alone to do his math all by himself. I really like this independent worker thing. Next we did History again and read in SOTW about mummies and pyramids because tomorrow we are taking a field trip to a local Egyptian museum. Monday, we had also gotten all the ingredients for making a mummy, except for our victim. I wanted to get that started today but I wasn't able to drag us to the store to find Cornish Game Hens.

We were also supposed to start a 4-H cooking project on Thursday - ok, I was supposed to start - but I've realized that I just had way too much on my plate this week, so I canceled it at the last second. I may piss off a couple people but it's better than completely freaking out from stress. It's been a tough couple weeks, especially when DH is gone. I was fine this weekend but today I am barely holding it together. *sigh* I see the OB on Thursday so I'm going to mention it to her. Hoping it's just hormones and will clear up in a few days.

So that's the news from here. Hopefully, I'll have some nice pictures for you tomorrow.

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Pixilated Mum said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself first. It's way better to cancel then freak. I totally agree!