Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wish you were here

First off, I just wanted to verify to anyone who may be wondering that, yes, Maria is as wonderful as she appears on her blog. You've gotta love when it's like seeing a long, lost best friend when you meet someone you've only "met" once before. Essie is a doll. You can see the pixie dust sparkle in her eyes. Miguel is all boy, and quite the trooper for putting up with all of Cameron's "affections," lol. He's also quite the Smartie Pants talking about ancient China and Egypt while my brainiac only wants to discuss the latest Pixar flick. ;) Anyway, Happy Birthday, Big Guy! Sorry we're going to miss your big day. Sebastian is, well, hmmmm.... sorry, I can't update you on the wee one. I was denied the pleasure of his company. But let me assure you the the Pixilateds are a genuine delight and a witty bunch, one and all. Next time it's your turn to come visit me, Chica!!

Secondly, and again directed towards the Pixilateds... sorry if we got you guys sick! Grey woke up with an almost 102 degree fever Tuesday night and then Cameron had the same on Wednesday night. Both boys have spent every evening coughing their little lungs out (not that that kept us from devouring the Magic Kingdom in its entirety and closing the place out every night!) but so far the rest of us have been spared.

And that's my mini update. I will bore you with all the details (and hopefully some pictures) when we return and get back into the swing of things.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hey! I'm so glad to see you! The trip sounds wonderful!

Pixilated Mum said...

(blush, blush, blush, blush, blush)

Love you too, girlfriend.

And isn't it LOVELY to meet and just have it be so natural. I mean, we're always yammering on one another's blogs and emailing, so it's natural, I suppose. LOL

And I absolutely love your kids. They are adorable and fun! And your DH is a really nice man with a lovely way with children ... as you could tell from how Miguel followed him around a lot. LOL

Sorry you couldn't meet Sebastian, but, like you said in my comments, it would've been very, very crazy. Sebastian is a crazy climber and speed racer.

"Needs improvement" on time management, eh? ROFL That's the first time in a whole year that I've been way late to anything. Darn. And there were witnesses to such a horrible lack of punctuality. Darn, darn, darn.

Post pics when you get 'em!

Meesh said...

hmmmmm um Maria- I hate to point out a trip to NHM where um someone went on the wrong freeway and um was like an hour behind schedule meeting up there. Though I can equally point out that that someone was also a tad behind schedule! LOL

Jenny I so wish we could have gone too! If we hadn't just gone 2 weeks ago, I would have probably gone.

I am so missing reading your daily blog- I am not on my real computer much to post but I read all the time from the phone. (on on the real puter now).

Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Pixilated Mum said...

To Meesh,
AHHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's totally right. I. Am. A. Dork. I absolutely forgot that day. See, I guess I didn't count it as being late because it wasn't like I was lagging and behind and not managing my time correctly. I was SO on time! I was doing well! I just ended up making a right when I should have turned left and blast it, was late. ROFL

Sigh. Thanks for the reminder, Meesh. ;-)