Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Forward

The time change may have come early this year, but it sure feels like springtime here! It was 85 degrees today and I felt perfectly comfortable in capris and a tank top (my favorite uniform). We spent Saturday using up some tickets to Train Town that our neighbor had given us for Christmas. We only spent about an hour and a half there, but all the kids really had a blast. We rode the train. Cameron rode the Ferris Wheel all by himself. Greyson put his feet into a cold stream. Cassia rode the Merry-Go-Round with her Daddy. It was a nice day. Sunday we were supposed to go hiking with 4-H but, um, well... we got delayed. OK, I'll admit it - we forgot about the time change and showed up an hour late. D'OH! I have never done that before. I feel so stupid. Oh well. At least it wasn't just me... DH forgot too. He's actually a bigger dufus than I am because he knew it was last weekend but thought that "Sunday at 2 am" meant the night in between Sunday and Monday, not the one between Saturday and Sunday. Anyway, we're both idiots, I suppose. *blush*

Monday the plan was to get school done nice and early, go grocery shopping, have lunch, and then take my mom to a doctor's appointment. Cameron ended up with a debilitating stomach ache all morning instead. So we skipped all that other stuff and just read a Star Wars book, had lunch (once he was finally feeling better), and then took my mom to her doctor. My secondary plan was to do schoolwork in the car while we waited for her, but two words into the phonics lesson Mom comes out and says that she had written her appointment down wrong and it was really next week instead. Looks like everyone is having a bad week with times and dates! So we dropped her off, went to the store and then FINALLY came home and did schoolwork.

Cameron did a phonics review on vowel pairs that make the long /e/ sound. He did good with it and only complained once or twice. All day long he had been pretending that he was 17 years old and his version of 17 is VERY mature, responsible, and helpful. His 17 year old self also already knows how to read, so there was no point in him saying that it was too hard. I really liked his 17. Next he did half a spelling lesson. Remind me never to do spelling right after phonics again. Bad mix. He was way too tired out from reading his phonics lesson to even read the word "hot" correctly. But he struggled through it, like a 17-yr old trooper should, lol. I was going to have him do math too, but I let him be done. He had spent all more learning science anyway (read: watching Magic School Bus, lol).

Now I'm off to see if I can book myself a Disney vacation... WOO HOO!!! :)

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G said...

Wierd - C.O. had a really bad stomachache this morning too, all morning. Now he's okay though!

GREAT weather - we were sitting outside eating popsicles this afternoon & talking about swimming.