Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is it bedtime yet?

Ah, the vicious cycle of sleep-deprivation. Not enough sleep = more coffee = more awake at night = not enough sleep because the kids are still waking up at 6:30 = even more coffee = wanting a nap in the middle of gymnastics = caffeinated tea in the late afternoon = probably up late again tonight because I've gotta finish the book I'm reading too. (Oh so "Greyson" comes up on my spell check but not "gotta"? LOL)

Yeah, so, I dawdled the morning away while the kids played and then we went to gymnastics. Cassia made a friend in class and they were so sweet together.

Girl poke-tickles Cassia out of the blue. Cassia giggles. Cassia poke-tickles back. Girl giggles.
Cassia: Guess what? I'm three and a half!
Girl:REALLY??? Wow! I'm three too!
Cassia:No, I'm three and a half.
Girl:I'm three and three... quarters.
Cassia:Yeah? Well, I'm three and a half quarters.
Girl:Oh. OK!
Both girls start jumping up and down over and over and over and over and giggling and jumping and giggling and jumping. I think they were MFEO. ;) (That's "made for each other" just in case you don't speak girly-girl.)

She got pretty whiny during Cameron's class though and I chalked it up to tiredness and trying to fight off dh's cold. I must've been right because she fell asleep on the way home - and it's less than 10 minutes away! - and then slept for almost 3 hours. During that time Cameron did his schoolwork.

He did a spelling lesson on ending sounds. Easy cheesy. The next lesson is the first one with an actual word list! I tried to hype it a bit and we glanced through it and he proved to himself that he could really read all the words already. Next he did science (not in the mood for reading and 'rithmetic today) and I was very sorry to discover that the workbook lesson for this chapter was only one page long! Usually the workbook sections are like 6 and I have to break them up into a couple days. This we had done in about 3 minutes and barely counted as a subject in my book. We really should've done it the other day when we did science so we could start a new chapter today. Oh well. I was too tired to care too much so I just had him practice the recorder for about 15 minutes to make up the time instead. He really liked having that as make up work. Now that I think about it, I probably should've had him play the geography game, but I think I needed a light day today.

Hopefully I will be able to go to sleep early tonight and sleep ALL NIGHT without all my strange assorted kicking, coughing, nursing, and nightmaring bedfellows keeping me up. Hopefully we have a park date tomorrow, if the weather holds up, and we'll have to get school done BEFORE we go.

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G said...

Hope you got some rest! Sleep-deprivation.... BTDT. Know what you mean about the bedfellows too. A night's rest without the squirming, kicking, restlessness would be marvelous!