Tuesday, March 13, 2007

insert clever title here

No clever title today, sorry. Nothing very interesting going on either.

We went to the 4-H business meeting today. It was a pretty long one full of trying to get our county's annual fundraiser organized. Cameron, of course, volunteered for things that put us there ALL day. Since he's a Sergeant at Arms he has to be in a parade at 11 and then he volunteered for this trash pick up duty in the late afternoon. I don't mind too much, but DH doesn't like having to be somewhere like that all day, especially since we're probably bringing my mom. If worse comes to worse, we can take two cars and he can leave early with Cassia and Grammie and I'll stay with Cam and the baby.

They also gave us a list of jobs for next year. We are supposed to "nominate" ourselves for the jobs we want and then I guess a committee votes on it? Cameron pretty much wants to do everything he's doing this year (although I'm trying to talk him out of the sweeping and garbage detail) and then we decided to add one new thing - which I'm not telling, just in case there are spies reading! ;)

Then we came home and did a little bit of school. We continued on in the math chapter about grouping things in such a way as to introduce multiplication. Cameron is really getting the fact that you need to learn to "count by __s" to do these problems easier. He mentioned something about knowing a song for 2s. It's something he saw on tv and I have no idea what he is talking about, but it gave me a great opportunity to bring out my favorite Schoolhouse Rock DVD and force him to watch all of the math ones, lol. He said, "but I don't like those" and I said, "if you watch them all I will count it as your second subject today" and he said, "oh, ok." LOL. He ended up watching all the math ones (some of those are much weirder than I remember!!) and then we watched most of the science ones too.

And that was our day. I told you it wasn't very exciting. :)


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

5...10...15...20...25...30....35...40.... Thanks a lot. I'll be singing that one all night. I love School House Rock but those songs are just *too* catchy.

Meesh said...

I love that I can read your blog from my phone. we have guests so I don't have night access to my computer. so how did cam like SHR? I Netflixed it a while back, but the kids were not overly impresses.

G said...

Now you've got me curious.... what job could it be? I still need to look over it all myself.