Monday, July 14, 2008


As I was typing in the title for this, I noticed that already have a post entitled this! I guess it's a theme in my life right now! ;) I didn't sleep too terribly well last night. I have gotten in this strange habit of waking up at 4:30 to use the bathroom and then not being able to go back to sleep until 6:00. And then, of course, Greyson usually wants to get up at about 6:30 or 7:00. Luckily though, DH was home today and got up with him so I was able to sleep until about 8:30, but it wasn't a restful sleep at all.

Regardless, we got schoolwork done in the morning. I wasn't really in the mood so I was grumpy and impatient, but we got it done nonetheless. Phonics with Cameron was a nightmare. It was one of those days when I had to feed him every single word. Words like "lake" and "these." Not what I needed on a low-patience day. :( Things went better with Cassia. She did okay. I did okay. Neither of us was great but she did page one of the three-page lesson and then asked to keep going even though I suggested quitting there. I guess that means that I didn't come off as badly as I felt like I was coming across, lol.

Next was grammar and that went really well. The lesson was on using commas in a series and it even included some reading for the student to do to demonstrate the ease of reading "I have this, this, and this," as opposed to "I have this and this and this." This time, Cameron read fabulously. The words were small since they were not meant to challenge but to show a point and he read them with ease. I think the simple point that it wasn't phonics helped a lot.

For history, we began our study of the Roman Empire and read the story of Remus and Romulus. Cassia was horrified. There wasn't much story in between these cute little babies being raised by wolves, being adopted by farmers, and then killing each other. She was picturing babies killing one another! I can see how that would be a bit traumatic for her, lol. We followed that story up with the tale of the Etruscans going back and forth between Greece and Rome and bringing the culture over. I know I have at least one book on the Etruscans and several on Roman mythology so I think I'll look through those tonight and see if I can find some supplemental material without having to go to the library (where I probably owe a bunch of money).

Cameron finished off his school day by playing Timez Attack for math. He started a new game and went all the way from 2's to 5's in about a half an hour. That's pretty good considering that you have to master each level (as in answer every problem x1 through x12 right) before you can move on. Cassia didn't do any math, but I think I'll have her alternate phonics and math for a while. She does grammar and history or science every day even though I still consider those optional for her, so I'll cut her a break with only one mandatory subject each day. When Cameron was in Kindergarten, I think he did phonics and math every day and then science, art, or music once or twice a week. She's already getting a much more rigorous education even though she doesn't have to do any of it, lol.

Next Cassia and I worked on some craft samples for her birthday party on Friday. We're going to make tutu inspired hair scrunchie things and ballerina clothespin dolls. I was panicking about the clothespin dolls last night because the sample one I was making was really, really hard! There is no way that a bunch of 3 - 8 year olds were going to be able to do it so I briefly considered just making a dozen of them myself and just handing them out as party favors. That prospect was both a bit overwhelming and not nearly as much fun! Luckily though, I figured out a better way to attach the skirt so that there is no glue or extraordinary dexterity involved. Phew! For the boys, I made a little knight clothespin doll with aluminum foil, lol. He's pretty cute though probably too fragile to last even one battle. I had lots of patience with the crafts, so maybe that's something I should do more often as stress relief. (I wish I could say the same about the boys jumping on the bed Cassia and I were working on though!) I planned out the finger sandwiches that we're going to serve while I wasn't sleeping this morning, so really the only thing left to do is figure out what cake recipe I'm going to use, make a list, and go shopping. Well, that and then make everything and get it there in one piece, lol.

After that we hurried off to gymnastics. There was a little spitfire of a girl in Cassia's class today and I really pitied the coaches, especially the new one who was shadowing the class for the first time. Greyson was a handful because he was just super tired. By the time it was time for Cameron's class, he was just done and so he, Cassia, and I went out to the car and turned on a movie that happened to be in there. As I predicted, Greyson fell asleep within five minutes, lol. I got a few minutes of shut eye too, so that was nice.

Grey loves to play in my purse during gymnastics so Cameron had the great idea to make him his own wallet and money to play with. The second we got home he set to work making cardboard dollars, coins, and credit cards for him to play with. He's also in the process of making a construction paper wallet and cell phone for him too. I really hope Grey likes them because Cameron put a lot of thought and effort into the project.

Cassia is currently learning the sign language alphabet via a set of rubber stamps someone gave us. I remember when I taught myself the ASL alphabet from one of those cards that deaf people would sell in airports. Funny how that is so intriguing to kids.

That's about it for today. About this time, five years ago, I think I started getting one or two contractions that told me that the time was near. I remember we had been to Bodega Bay and picked up some fresh clams so I was making a fish stew but I had to keep sitting down. My MIL was staying with us to help out and she was freaking out that I would just sit down for a minute and then go right on cooking, lol. If she'd had her way, I would have been in the hospital with the first twinge rather than waiting until they were 5 minutes apart like the doctor recommended - which turned out to be about eighteen hours later.


G said...

Again, let me know if there's anything you'd like me to bring or so to help with Friday!

I've been debating doing language arts and math in blocks, alternating days (as Waldorf/Oak Meadow stuff recommends), or doing them more incrementally daily. Still haven't decided!

Hope you got more sleep last night.

Vanessa said...

WTG Cameron on the Timez Attack! We have it at home, and Gillian will play the whole level, but then she wimps out at the end and wants me to fight the troll/ogre creature for her. LOL

Sounds like the crafts for the party are going to be really cute. We had a princess party one year and added knight stuff for the boys, and it worked out wonderfully. (I do recall an unplanned battle with toy swords and shields, but no one got hurt.) Hope she has a great birthday!