Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Already forgetting...

Argh! It's been almost a week since I've blogged now and I'm already forgetting what we've done! I have no recollection of Thursday whatsoever. I think we did bookwork, but I could be wrong. Let's see, we went to ballet for Cassia's first official Pre-Ballet class. (She loved the harder class, btw, and said it was much more fun.) Stopped by TJ's for a few last minute things. Baked a strawberry cake. Hmmm.... I guess I could try to match up Wednesday's blog entry with the work that we've done since and try to figure it out, but it's really not that important. (Until I do decide to go through and update my roll book/lesson planner and then it will be a nightmare, lol.)

But on to important things! Friday was Cassia's birthday party. :) We had a great turnout and a lovely time. The children are very, very spoiled and have a wonderful bunch of friends. I feel guilty for being so cheap with our gifts now (I have a $5 - $10 rule), lol, but everything was perfect. Except the cake was too small. I'm going to have to make that recipe again because it was really, really good. Maybe I'll make it for my birthday too.

That wiped me out for the entire weekend though. DH pulled a Superman and decided to steam clean the living room and dining room. I was only supposed to finish going through the gazillion boxes of clothes that have been sitting in the hallway for weeks now, but I only got through half of them. The rest of the time I just sat there watching tv. Pathetic, I know, but I really just couldn't do anything.

Monday I was feeling a little better and determined to get back to our regular routine. We did do school on Monday - at least we did everything but History. We ran out of time before gymnastics. Phonics was a Who Did What? game where you mix up subject and predicate cards to make silly sentences. Reading through them the first time was a bit of a struggle, but Cameron did really well remembering what they said after that. Grammar was a review of all the verb types (action, being, linking, and helping). Math for Cameron was subtracting money by writing out the problem "the long way" and using borrowing. It took forEVER and that is why we had no time for history. Cassia was working on adding. They had her coloring seven vases red, blue, or green and then writing the addition problem based on what she had colored. It was really neat seeing the light bulb go off during that. "Hey! You know, no matter which way you color them, they still add up to seven!"

Gymnastics was trying, as usual. I don't know if it's just pregnancy getting the best of me or what but I just cannot deal with Grey during gymnastics anymore. Every week now, we end up sitting in the car because he starts throwing a fit. He gets SO grumpy when it's his naptime now and all these afternoon classes are right smack in the middle of it. I know that in the fall Cassia's ballet will most likely be in the afternoon too. Don't they know that my boy needs his beauty sleep?? He always falls asleep on the way home then, but by then it's so late that I have to wake him for dinner and deal with a grump then too. He's so much nicer when he can just take his nap at 2 or 3 like his body is telling him to and then wake up naturally.

Today we did not do any schoolwork. I didn't get enough sleep last night and so I was just drained of energy. I may be fighting off a cold too because Greyson had a bit of a runny nose. But whatever the reason, I spent most of my free time today playing solitaire Scrabble. But not all day!! We had an afternoon date at Mrs. Grossman's!! A friend of ours was taking some of her relatives on a factory tour and was nice enough to invite us along. We can't say no to a tour of the sticker factory!! There was a school bus there and Cameron made the observation that we were like a school and I was like their teacher taking them on a field trip! I was thinking, well duh, but he just thought that was a hilarious concept. Once we got home with our gazillions of stickers, the kids set to work creating their stickery masterpieces. They spent hours making pictures and telling stories to each other about what the stickers were doing (there were pigs and hamburgers raining from the sky at one point) and then it somehow evolved into paper sword and shield making. Cameron made the best paper and cardboard sword and shield specimens that he has ever made. He even made some for Cassia too. Something about those knight and castle stickers really got his creative juices flowing. When I tucked him into bed he said, "I hope tomorrow is just like today! That was a super fun day!!" I'd say the $3 per person spent on the tour and the $12 spent in the company store was worth it. If you're ever in town, let me know and we'll take you there too. Stickers make people happy. Even Mrs. Grossman herself said that - how can you not love your job when you are working with hearts and teddy bears and puppy dogs all day?

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