Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Oh it was a highly educational day around here today. C&C went off to camp and Greyson and I came home and watched The Next Food Network Star. Well, we only had time to watch part of an episode before it was time to go to my OB appointment. We get there and sit down and after about five minutes the girl behind the desk (I don't really mean to be condescending, but she was young and I don't know if she's an actual nurse or just a helper monkey or what) calls me back and says that the doctor is off delivering a baby right now but why don't I go ahead and give my urine sample and then she'll take my vitals now. I figure she must be on her way back from the hospital now, right? The girl offers to put me in a room while we wait, but I say that with Greyson in tow it would be easier to be in the waiting room. So after she takes my vitals and such she starts saying, mostly to herself, that maybe she should try to call the doctor since she hasn't heard from her in a while. So now I'm thinking... what? Why would you offer to put me in an exam room when you have no clue when she is going to be back??? Babies take HOURS to deliver! I hear her leave a voicemail for the doctor and when she receives no immediate callback I just have to go ask. "So... it doesn't sound like she's on her way back yet or anything, is she?" The girl says, "Well, it sounded that way when I talked to her at 9 this morning!" It was almost 11:00 by then. I had to pick the kids up at noon. No thanks. I rescheduled. Why the heck she didn't just call me before my appointment and tell me that the doctor was in a delivery, I have no idea. I mean seriously. The office is only five minutes from my house, but there are a lot of other things I could have been doing with my time this morning than just sitting around watching tv and waiting for it to be time to go. And then once I got back home, I only had enough time to sit around watching tv until it was time to go again! I suppose I could have done something else, but it would've been much easier if I had an entire two hours to work with rather than two 30 - 45 minute stretches with a big bunch of wasted time in the middle. I bet they'll charge me for two appointments too since she took my vitals and did the urine test. Cause you know it costs several hundred dollars to stick a piece of litmus in a cup of pee. *Ugh* (Sorry, I was going to try and be reasonably civil today.)

So then I go and get the kids and come back home to find that it is suddenly way too hot to function. It was about 105 outside and 85 inside. The good news is that our solar attic fan is making a difference since it used to be only about 10 degrees cooler inside than out until about 3 or 4 pm when it suddenly got hotter inside than outside. Now it stays a solid 20 degrees cooler inside and doesn't get hotter inside than out until about 6 or 7 pm when the sun is no longer activating the fan. But by then the breeze has usually kicked up outside so I just need to open a few windows to make it tolerable again. Anyway, 85 is still too hot for me, lol, so I just melted onto the couch in front of more Food TV. I watched the rest of The Next Food Network Star marathon that I had TiVo'ed. The kids decided that it was too hot to do anything too so they all ended up on the couch with me. We moved on to the Food Network Challenge of Disney-Pixar cakes and then the one on Disney villains. It had cooled down a bit by then and the winning villain cake inspired C&C to go play Peter Pan. I finally found some strength to go finish up some laundry and then make dinner.

The good thing about being lazy all day and watching the Food Network is that it inspires me to be a little more creative with my food choices, lol. Dinner wasn't anything spectacular - sun-dried tomato sausages, mashed sweet potatoes, and green salad - but for breakfast I made English muffins topped with smoked Gouda and an over-easy egg. Yum. That one was definitely inspired by the (disastrous, lol) brunches served on a train from the Next FN Star that I watched yesterday. Who says tv is evil? So let's all think cooler thoughts for tomorrow, OK? I really need to do some birthday party planning. A little schoolwork might be nice too. ;)

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Meesh said...

you are truly a girl after my own heart. I love your TV choices! Our dish was out for the last 3 days (loose connection D'oh!) The nice Dish man came and tightened it up for me. we watched that pixar contest last week- way cool- was it the one where Sully fell over?

I feel for you and your OB appointment. Sitting in vet office yesterday for 58 min was pure torture. seriously a vet tech could have poked their head out looked at the dog's foot and said "Nope not swollen". but no waiting an hour for the guy with the DVM to make that statement in the little room,(because he surely couldn't poke his head out to take a looksy) was the best use of everyone's time -and billing I'm sure. I remained outwardly cheerful though- they've been really good over all so I am going to look past this appointment as a fluke thing.