Thursday, February 28, 2008

You're OUT!

Yes, Cameron was kicked out of baseball practice today. He really seemed so much better. I told him to tell the coach that he couldn't run today because he has a cough, but to go ahead and practice his catching and throwing. Well, just the exertion of throwing the ball in the quickly chilling evening air was enough to send him into coughing fits so we were sent home after less than ten minutes. Does that get me the Bad Mommy Award or the Good Little League Mom award?

The rest of the day was pretty productive... after I finally got my lazy butt out of bed! I finally crawled out to face the world about half hour before we had to leave for ballet so I quick fried up some eggs for everyone and got out the hustle alert. Amazingly, everyone listened and we actually made it on time!! That was nice. Cassia and I had a small disagreement over her teacher's name. She swore it was MissL (who was her first instructor over the summer) but I knew it was MissM. At least I thought I knew... she was so insistent that I finally said, "OK, let's go ask her." So I hauled everyone back out of the parking lot and back into the ballet studio just so I could say, "Ha! I was right!" to a 4 year old. LOL, mature aren't I? But the funny thing was that MissM told us that she and MissL had actually been friends since they were toddlers and were often mistaken for sisters. How sweet is that to be life long friends and to teach the same class in the same ballet studio as young adults.

Back at home, we wasted away the rest of the morning and early afternoon doing random things and then started school around 2:00 again. Cameron did a Phonics lesson on some of the more obscure silent letters. He was reading really well until we got to the "story" that he was to read. He panicked because it was "so long" - 8 lines. He totally froze up and started guessing all these words that I knew he knew. He kept saying that he was just nervous because he'd never read that much before... until I flipped back two whole lessons and showed him the nine lines that he had just read the other day without a problem. The difference? The nine line story had been broken down into two or three line paragraphs. This one was all one long paragraph. After seeing that he had, in fact, read that much before he relaxed a lot. He's been doing a lot of that "nervous" stuff lately. It seems so unnatural for him that I don't tend to take it very seriously. I guess I should try to be a little more sympathetic to it though.

Grammar/Language was working on memorizing Mr. Nobody and then studying the capitalization in the title and throughout the poem. Cassia already has half of the first stanza memorized after only two days on it. Speaking of Cassia, we worked on the letters P and Q today. She was really excited to do double Phonics. If only that enthusiasm lasted. ;) Next was Math which took over an hour for two pages. Ugh. And much of it had to be done twice because either I couldn't read the numbers that were doubling as hearts and clouds or he and Cassia were so busy laughing over the heart and cloud numbers that he wasn't paying attention to the actual problem. Somewhere during this, Cassia decided to break my part of our special mother/daughter necklaces by chewing the clasp off of mine. Nice huh. That put me in a really bad mood. Luckily, we only had a few minutes before baseball at that point so I read a quick entry in the Usborne Book of World History on the Phoenicians and then piled everyone in the car. Only to come home 10 minutes later, as previously described. But by then my mood was more one of sympathy to Cameron so we finished History with an entry in the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and then they went off to build puzzles.

They are supposed to be putting all the puzzles away right now, but it doesn't sound like they are, lol. I'd better go check on that and get everyone to bed. Have a good night everyone.

P.S. If you're lurking, post a hello! I like comments!! Speaking of lurking, Sandy, if you are, sorry to her about M's arm! Ouch!! Cameron wanted to know if he was snowboarding "in real life or in a video game" and if he was doing flips when he broke it. LOL, apparently the story wasn't dramatic enough alone.


Cathy said...

I keep up with you...hope Cam is feeling's always a tough call making them miss something you know they want to do when they aren't feeling well and you're already feeling sad for them.

Sandy said...

Guilty as charged. I lurk while the snowboarding dude with the broken arm (and his brother) watch a Star Wars movie. Great homeschooling, eh? Oh yeah, we're models for the rest of you to follow! I'll send you the x-ray pic so you can gasp... plus you can count it as "science" for the day!

G said...

I can send you some teeth x-rays too, since I happen to have a packet of them sitting in the car ;)

Hope Cam feels better. I think the nervouseness thing is a phase at this age, as Cyrus has gone through (off and on) something similar.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

LOL at dragging them all back into the ballet studio.

Sorry for not commenting lately. And I, too, have a few X-rays I could send. ;)

Pixilated Mum said...

(hugs) to Cam. Get better, dude.

And bummer about the clasp on the Mother-Daughter necklace. Argh. It'd put me in a bad mood too. Double argh. (I'm sounding pirate-y.)

I can't be delurking because I'm your friend and you know I'm always reading this blog o' yours. : ) But I know!It's weird to have people reading your blog and never posting! Argh! (Third pirate sound.)

Dolphin Valley Academy said...

Delurking! I stop by periodically from the ps homeschooling message board. It's fun to see what other hsing families are up to! Laura/summerbaby99