Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Workbookless Wednesday

LOL, I get so jealous of everyone's "Wordless Wednesday" posts sometimes. As if I could think ahead to find a picture appropriate for the day! As if I could use no words. ;)

So today was Workbookless Wednesday. We had some friends come over today to play a Pokemon Championship. OK, there were only three of us who played and it wasn't really a championship, but both Cameron and I faced off against R11. (P.S. All age references in the names are approximate because I cannot for the life of me remember how old these kids really are!) Cameron won his match and I let R11 win. ;) I didn't want him to feel too badly after just losing to Cam. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you! Cassia and E6 played Pokemon Yahtzee. J9 walked our crazy dog all around the house and the backyard. A8 hid in various places around the house, avoiding the dog of whom he was terrified. She's a pug, by the way. Very terrifying dog.

It was a great day. MomK and I chatted a lot. I realized that having seven kids in the house was actually not any more chaotic than having three, lol. Well, having seven kids and two moms in the house, that is. Greyson absolutely fell in love with MomK. He's not the type to let anyone else hold him. It's either Daddy or Mommy and he decides which one it is to be. Well today it was MomK. LOL, he would not leave her alone and she was happy to oblige. She said that her recent 40th birthday has left her with a bit of baby fever and a few cuddles from Grey was exactly what she had been needing. He was so sweet with her too, giving her the back rubs and pats that he usually reserves for me.

Then we went to the park for a local park day that we haven't actually attended in months! It was fun, but I was reminded of why we don't go anymore. The park is set up kind of strangely and it is almost impossible to keep track of where your kids are. Add a rambunctious toddler to the mix and it can get frantic. Of course, Greyson wouldn't let go of MomK so I knew where he was, lol. It was so funny too because there was a woman there who has actually babysat him once or twice where he pretty much screamed the entire time. We did a little experiment to see if it was just his mood or something personal. So MomK tried to hand him off to MomM and he got this terrified look on his face, turned his head, and hung on to MomK for his life. It's so bizarre. She has a daughter just a month younger than he is and they get along great. He just doesn't like MomM for some reason!

Anyway, we had to leave the park after only about 45 minutes. Cameron came down with a case of the sniffles yesterday which turned into a cough after baseball practice. He woke up feeling better this morning, but after about 15 minutes at the park he was ready to go home. At home he crawled into bed and then came out about 20 minutes later saying that he couldn't stop coughing. I gave him some Vicks and then realized that he had a fever too. Poor guy. Some Tylenol and a nap later, he was feeling better again but I sure hope this isn't that dreaded flu that everyone has been complaining about. Greyson's the only one of us who got a flu shot.

So there is Workbookless Wednesday for you. We had lessons in logic, strategy, interpersonal relations, PE, human physiology, zoology (Go Diego Go), and history (Time Warp Trio). And all on a sick day, too. ;)

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