Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday & Tuesday

Nothing too exciting to report around here. I guess that's a good thing though, right?

Monday we had a slow start to the day and only got Phonics and Spelling done before it was time to go to gymnastics. At gymnastics, I made Cameron do his math while Cassia had her class. At home again we read about the Phoenicians for History and then reviewed all of our poems for Grammar/Language. See, I told you, nothing too exciting. ;)

Today, Tuesday, we started our day with a few errands. We went to the library to pick up a Bill Nye video on the water cycle and coincidentally, Cameron picked up a Bill Nye video on ponds and lakes for his video choice! Cassia picked I Love Toy Trains, lol. She's always picking things like that and Baby Einstein. I don't think she realizes that she's growing up! Or maybe she's growing up so much in other areas that she likes the comfort of toddler videos. Our TiVo choices certainly are very advanced for her, so maybe she needs that balance. OK, next time she picks up Baby Einstein, I'll actually let her get it, lol. Next we went to the drug store for this anti-staph stuff that I saw. Yes, it's back again. *sigh*

Finally we got back home got got school started at the bright and early time of 2:00 pm. LOL. Yeah, we're morning people, can you tell? At least everyone was dressed and beds were made before 11:00am. That's the sign of a good day around here. ;) So anyway we learned "sci" words in Phonics, started work on memorizing a new poem for Grammar/Language, did a page of Math, read half a chapter on evaporation for Science and then watched both of the Bill Nye videos.

Then we planted trees. When I pulled in the garage earlier I had spotted a little brown caterpillar coming into the garage. We studied him for a while (I love homeschooling - we were able to point out his 6 real insect legs and his 8 other knobby pseudo-legs) and then dropped him into our winter garden for a snack. Cassia had meanwhile been collecting acorns and then proceeded to play with them while Cameron did his schoolwork. Just so you know, you can play a lot of different things with a couple handfuls of acorns! Anyway, she noticed that some of them were cracked and I mentioned that that was where the sprouts were trying to break free to grow more trees. (Truth is, I'm not entirely sure if that's why they split or not - we get a lot of acorns in our yard but no new trees! - but it sounded logical enough.) Anyway, she got so excited over that prospect that we had to rush out back and plant all ten of them along the back fence. She is imagining this huge wall of trees along the back and is so excited for them to grow. Too cute. Even Cameron and Greyson could not be left out of the excitement. Cameron helped to dig holes and to pat the acorns down and Greyson has, so far, made about 300 trips back and forth from the fridge to the acorns bringing them cups of water (and ice) to drink. LOL. Nature study at its best. Gotta love a 70˚ day after a week of rain and thunderstorms.

Soon we'll be off for baseball practice. Too bad I never got around to planning anything for dinner. We may have to resort to fast food - ick. Maybe Papa John's instead. I think if I pick up a pizza there after practice we could still eat by 7ish. I really need to plan baseball nights better, lol.

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